wrong password error when authenticating with PPSK

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Hi community,

I have set up a PPSK-SSID according to https://community.aerohive.com/aerohive/topics/how_to_configure_ppsk , with user Manager as the source of PPSKs for wireless users.

However, when trying to log on to the respective SSID, my wlan-clients keep getting error Messages, that the PPSK is wrong.

Using Client Monitor, I was able to come up with the following data:

2000 12:14:18 AM  780CB82356FE  00197720C215  EDV-Abt      INFO    (143)Suppressed by high density, reason:continuous-probe
01/01/2000 12:14:19 AM  780CB82356FE  00197720C229  EDV-Abt      DETAIL  (144)Rx <broadcast> probe req (rssi 57dB)
01/01/2000 12:14:19 AM  780CB82356FE  00197720C229  EDV-Abt      BASIC   (145)Tx probe resp (pwr 13dBm)
01/01/2000 12:14:19 AM  780CB82356FE  00197720C22A  EDV-Abt      DETAIL  (146)Rx <broadcast> probe req (rssi 57dB)
01/01/2000 12:14:19 AM  780CB82356FE  00197720C22A  EDV-Abt      BASIC   (147)Tx probe resp (pwr 13dBm)
01/01/2000 12:14:19 AM  780CB82356FE  00197720C229  EDV-Abt      DETAIL  (148)Rx <specific> probe req (rssi 62dB)
01/01/2000 12:14:19 AM  780CB82356FE  00197720C22A  EDV-Abt      DETAIL  (149)Rx <specific> probe req (rssi 62dB)
01/01/2000 12:14:19 AM  780CB82356FE  00197720C22A  EDV-Abt      INFO    (150)Suppressed by high density, reason:continuous-probe
01/01/2000 12:14:19 AM  780CB82356FE  00197720C229  EDV-Abt      DETAIL  (151)Rx <broadcast> probe req (rssi 61dB)
01/01/2000 12:14:19 AM  780CB82356FE  00197720C229  EDV-Abt      BASIC   (152)Tx probe resp (pwr 13dBm)
01/01/2000 12:14:19 AM  780CB82356FE  00197720C22A  EDV-Abt      DETAIL  (153)Rx <broadcast> probe req (rssi 61dB)
01/01/2000 12:14:19 AM  780CB82356FE  00197720C22A  EDV-Abt      BASIC   (154)Tx probe resp (pwr 13dBm)
01/01/2000 12:14:21 AM  780CB82356FE  00197720C22A  EDV-Abt      BASIC   (155)Rx auth <open> (frame 1, rssi 61dB)
01/01/2000 12:14:21 AM  780CB82356FE  00197720C22A  EDV-Abt      BASIC   (156)Tx auth <open> (frame 2, status 0, pwr 13dBm)
01/01/2000 12:14:21 AM  780CB82356FE  00197720C22A  EDV-Abt      BASIC   (157)Rx assoc req (rssi 60dB)
01/01/2000 12:14:21 AM  780CB82356FE  00197720C22A  EDV-Abt      BASIC   (158)Tx assoc resp <accept> (status 0, pwr 13dBm)
01/01/2000 12:14:21 AM  780CB82356FE  00197720C22A  EDV-Abt      INFO    (159)WPA-PSK auth is starting (at if=wifi1.3)
01/01/2000 12:14:21 AM  780CB82356FE  00197720C22A  EDV-Abt      INFO    (160)Sending 1/4 msg of 4-Way Handshake (at if=wifi1.3)
01/01/2000 12:14:21 AM  780CB82356FE  00197720C22A  EDV-Abt      INFO    (161)Received 2/4 msg of 4-Way Handshake (at if=wifi1.3)
01/01/2000 12:14:25 AM  780CB82356FE  00197720C22A  EDV-Abt      INFO    (162)Sending 1/4 msg of 4-Way Handshake (at if=wifi1.3)
01/01/2000 12:14:25 AM  780CB82356FE  00197720C22A  EDV-Abt      INFO    (163)Received 2/4 msg of 4-Way Handshake (at if=wifi1.3)
01/01/2000 12:14:26 AM  780CB82356FE  00197720C22A  EDV-Abt      INFO    (164)Rx deauth (reason 1 <unspecified>, rssi 56dB)
01/01/2000 12:14:26 AM  780CB82356FE  00197720C22A  EDV-Abt      BASIC   (165)Sta(at if=wifi1.3) is de-authenticated because of notification of driver
01/01/2000 12:14:27 AM  780CB82356FE  00197720C229  EDV-Abt      DETAIL  (166)Rx <broadcast> probe req (rssi 61dB)
01/01/2000 12:14:27 AM  780CB82356FE  00197720C229  EDV-Abt      BASIC   (167)Tx probe resp (pwr 13dBm)
01/01/2000 12:14:27 AM  780CB82356FE  00197720C22A  EDV-Abt      DETAIL  (168)Rx <broadcast> probe req (rssi 61dB)
01/01/2000 12:14:27 AM  780CB82356FE  00197720C22A  EDV-Abt      BASIC   (169)Tx probe resp (pwr 13dBm)
01/01/2000 12:14:27 AM  780CB82356FE  00197720C229  EDV-Abt      DETAIL  (170)Rx <broadcast> probe req (rssi 61dB)
01/01/2000 12:14:27 AM  780CB82356FE  00197720C229  EDV-Abt      BASIC   (171)Tx probe resp (pwr 13dBm)
01/01/2000 12:14:27 AM  780CB82356FE  00197720C22A  EDV-Abt      DETAIL  (172)Rx <broadcast> probe req (rssi 61dB)
01/01/2000 12:14:27 AM  780CB82356FE  00197720C22A  EDV-Abt      BASIC   (173)Tx probe resp (pwr 13dBm)

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Posted 2 years ago

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Need to sort out your NTP settings chap. The date and time are completely out. See "01/01/2000 12:14:27 AM..." in your output. That will be causing the 4-way handshake to fail.