What exactly is TCI...and what's the acceptable level of interference?

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Hello all...

Looking to gain some insight here...as we've had performance complaints in a particular classroom in our school. Aerohive is somehwat new to me...so I'm by no means a wireless expert. 

First...what is TCI...? as in Long TCI, Short TCI, Snapshot TCI etc??

And ...based on the pic of the "problem" AP I've sent..are the high values of interference a problem ?? What are acceptable levels? I'm thinking the high-ish interference may have played a part when they were taking their online Spanish test. Anyway ...any advice would be helpful.

Our APs are all 230's - each in 1GB Juniper switch ports -this AP is in the room where the class was having issues....

Thanks in advance....Dennis....
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Posted 2 years ago

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Hi Dennis

If you hover the mouse over the different names you will see what each one means. 

TCI stands for "Total Channel Interference"

Long TCI - Running average Interference 
Short TCI - Average TCI over 5 min (by default)

Most of the Interference is on Wifi0 which is the 2.4 GHz radio.This spectrum could be congested or have overlapping channels. Wifi1 is the 5 GHz radio which should be the preferred radio. Aerohive has an option to Band Steer clients to the 5 GHz spectrum, this option is available in the 2.4 GHz radio profile under "Optimizing Management Traffic Settings".

If most students are connecting to a 5 GHz channel with limited channel congestion on a 40 MHz wide channels, the issue could be else where, but further diagnosis would be needed to see what is causing network slowness. 

The total number of students connected can also affect the performance as wifi is a half duplex medium and having over 50 students taking turns sending or receiving data could also affect user experience.

Hope this helps.

The Beachhead Group 
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Thanks for the reply Henrico.....

Geez..I should have realized about the hover over on the TCI! )

All good advice.!We do have band steering in place...and most of the devices are 5Ghz Chromebooks for that class....but off course, there are phones etc all round that are 2.4....but the bulk of devices should be 5 GhZ

I'm curious that the client count you see in the charted graphic I attached, is not the same as the clients listed on the same page when you scroll down. It's always less in the list below (the list where you can click on the client, and see stats and info) Is that client list active clients at that moment when it's polled? Or is the little "clients over time" graph just not accurate?