Unable to execute backup operation

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Good Morning community!

My name is Thiago and i work at Hospital das Clinicas in São Paulo Brasil.
We have Aerohive solutions 3 year ago. We are in trouble at the time of backup, the following message appears:
" Unable to execute backup operation.
The free disk space on your HiveManager is insufficient:
Required free disk space:18339 M
Actual free disk space:17550 M "
What should I do?

Thiago Brambila


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Posted 3 years ago

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Have you tried archiving/purging existing data?

I suggest using the CLI to clear your logs and for you to consider reducing the reporting thresholds to as low as you can.

Can you clarify if this is a physical or virtual appliance?

If it is a virtual appliance, I suggest ultimately moving it to a new 64-bit VM that has more space available.


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Hi Nick , thanks for your attention.

The Hive Manager is in virtual appliance and is 64 bits.

My question is how to delete the logs and backup files through the CLI ?

What procedure for archiving/purging existing data ?


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You can clear the HiveManager logs through the CLI (menu option 3->1>10). This will remove all the historical data from the database.

Also, when you perform the backup, you have the option of only backing up the configuration only, which requires less temporary disk space.

When you do a full backup using the "Backup for upgrades" option, HiveManager exports the internal database and all the log entries etc. into an XML format so it can be imported into a different version without there being a problem with schema changes etc. This type of backup uses the most disk space on the box because of the large extra overhead of the XML format.


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Hi, Roberto

Thanks for you attention.

I made the cleaning of logs and understand the process the backup.

Have another thing can i to clean ? For free space in  disk

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Hi Tiago,

You can try backup using HiveManager command line interface, You can perform the backup via command line even though the web interface say there is not enough space because the CLI backup doesn't check the required disk space. Try this at your own risk and alway do "config only" backup because "config only" backup takes less space,

SSH in to the HiveManager, and enter username : admin / password : xxxxxxx 

Follow the menu options , 3 --> 1 --> 7

1) Network Settings and Tools

2) Display System Information

3) Advanced Product Configuration

4) Reboot Appliance

5) Shut down the System

6) Change CLI Shell Password

7) Logout of shell

Please make a choice:

1) Configure HiveManager

2) Configure VM Params

3) Configure DB Params

4) Back to Parent Menu

Please make a choice:

1) Restart HM Software

2) Shut down HM Software

3) Re-initialize HM Database

4) Change HM Database Settings

5) Restore default HM HTTPS certificate

6) Revert to Previous Version of HM

7) Backup operation

8) Restore operation

9) Get Technical Support

10) Clear HM Logs

11) Clear HiveManager Access Control

12) Change HM Admin Password

13) HA Operations

14) Customize the Common Image

15) Replacement DB sync

16) Display HM Update/Restore Progress

17) Display HM version

18) Back to Parent Menu

Please make a choice:


The function backs up the HiveManager database and user files

Backup Content: [1] Configuration backup only; [2] Full backup

Choose a backup option:1

Remote File Server Type: [1] SCP server; [2] FTP server

Choose a remote file server type:2

IP Address/Domain Name:101.187.x.x

[If Enter nothing, will use default value 21] Port:

File Path on the remote file server:/

Login User Name:ftpuser

Login password:



Database Backup Parameters

  Backup Content: Configuration backup only

  Remote File Server Type: TCP server

  IP Address/Domain name:Port: 101.187.x.x:21

  File Path: /

Do you want to backup the database? [yes | no]

Enter "yes" or "no" :yes

backup progress  |==================================================| 100%

FTP progress     |=========================