SR2024 as router - n00b config help?

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Hi everyone-

Pretty familiar with configuring my 3 AP230s these days so decided to move up a level and acquire a switch. My understanding is that my SR2024 can also function as a router so I think I'd like to go that route and get rid of the cruddy stinksys that's in the closet. 

My goal is to have 1 SSID/vlan/profile for personal devices (our Macs, iPhones etc) and another SSID/vlan/profile for home automation things. I don't trust the device security of these things so I'd like to get them segregated away from our other stuff. Would also like to PoE my APs so I can get them exactly where I want them in the house.

I've got the 2 SSIDs currently setup and out in the house, but my understanding is that when adding the switch/router I'll need trunking, to set up a WAN port, DHCP service... all that fun stuff. That's where I'm falling down.

Can someone lend me a hand? I have a static IP from my ISP and don't have huge needs aside from wanting to segregate the home automation stuff into its own world. 

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Posted 2 years ago

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Hi Jared,
I assume you're a command line user, I'm not familiar with HM Switch config myself. so.. you can try this:
vlan 2
vlan 3
interface vlan 2
interface vlan2 ip
interface vlan 3
interface vlan3 ip
interface vlan2 dhcp-server options default-gateway 
interface vlan2 dhcp-server options dns1
interface vlan2 dhcp-server ip-pool
interface vlan2 dhcp-server enable
interface vlan3 dhcp-server options default-gateway 
interface vlan3 dhcp-server options dns1
interface vlan3 dhcp-server ip-pool
interface vlan3 dhcp-server enable
interface eth1/1 mode wan
no interface mgt0 dhcp client

With this config, your eth1/1 is configured as a wan port, and eth1/2 is in vlan2, eth1/3 is in vlan3, you can segregate the traffic through the two ports with different sub-net. hope this can help. 

note that performance on SR as router will have reduced performance capabilities.
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Jason Zhou

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forget one thing, you are using static ip, you will have to config that ip on eth1/1 the wan port:
interface eth1/1 ip <ip_addr/netmask>