some questions about teacher-view, AP121 performance and SSIDs.

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Hi all,

I have some questions about the Aerohive system.

1. when an AP121 is deployed with a policy, what is the idle CPU and RAM usage with no clients? (In our system, the AP121 is down and goes rebooting when the number of users are more than 30).

2. When AP121s are deployed, what is the recommended number of SSIDs, in our school, we have 8 SSIDs and we are having a delayed connection issue.

3. If The VHM is not set with DHCP Serve but it is set in windows Server 2008, how should I set the lease time for the clients? At the moment, the DHCP Server has 8 days lease time but the CWP in VHM has 8 hours lease time. 

4. When using teacherview, it is redirected to a teacherview page. Yes, It's SSL 443 and it asks me to continue or exit and I have to click all the time. Is there a way to change HTTPS to HTTP when it is redirected?. So I don't have to click?

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Posted 3 years ago

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You didn't mention which version of HiveOS is running on these devices, it makes a difference in how we answer.

I don't have an AP121 to check, but my AP230 (with a much faster CPU and at least twice the RAM of your AP121) at home, with no clients currently associated, is reporting around 10% CPU load and roughly 40% memory consumed. Honestly, the only time I would be worried if I were you was when I same the devices regularly and consistently running at over 90% of either. Which leads me to the next point.

I believe we can handle up to 16 SSIDs per radio but that is dumb. Don't do it. Personally I suggest no more than two or three SSIDs per access point.

See for a good vendor-neutral write-up on why.

I'm not sure I understand your DHCP question. You have a CWP which assigns temporary addresses used during the authentication process, then if they succeed your clients get a "real" IP from your Windows server, right? If so, 8 hours of address reservation for a process that shouldn't need more than 10 minutes even if the human mis-types their credentials seems excessive. If you have fewer users than the address space served by the CWP DHCP instance, then it doesn't really matter. Otherwise, half an hour seems reasonable to me.

The HTTPS redirection for Teacherview was a mistake. We were fixing some other security-related issues and inadvertently changed this as well. I don't recall the specific version, but we release a HiveOS update that changed that back so that it is not an HTTPS redirect. You'll have to check with your reseller and/or Aerohive Tech Support to get that specific version of code.
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Sorry that I did not put the OS versions.

VHM is enterprise 6.5r1

AP121 is 6.4r1a 2103 or 6.4r1d 2111

Can I ask more questions?

IN CWP configuration, what should be the recommended registration period?

IN Windows DHCP Server, what should be the recommended lease time for wifi users?

And do they have to match? or is it important to set them properly?

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Hmmm...speaking as one who manages the network in a school - it can be difficult with a very limited number of SSIDs.  You almost certainly want one for your infrastructure, domain laptops and the like. And you probably want to keep your students and staff on separate SSIDs because you might manage them differently (yes you could manage that with return ID from radius).  I'm not a fan of PPSK - sorry - its yet another ID/password to remember.  They already know their AD logon, let them use it. It would be REALLY good if you could limit the relative numbers of connections to an AP by SSID - but that is another thing aerohive doesn't seem to do. The result is that 500 pupils' phones connect in an assembly hall  and the member of staff at the front can't get a connection. (The solution is to put another access point that does not have the pupil SSID - but why pay for an access point when it just needs a software fix).  And of course you need one for Guests (which might well be PPSK). That's 4 SSIDs minimum - not 2 or 3.  Then you might decide you are going to advertise SSIDs on 2.4GHz as "Student_Slow" and a separate one on 5GHz as "Student_Fast".  This prevents unintentional connections on a 2.4GHz radio, or worse, prevents a connection which than migrates you to a very weak 5GHz signal which keeps dropping. Giving the user some control rather than frustratingly shouting about poor WiFi connection makes for a quieter life.  So that's another 2 x SSIDs - or another 4 if you are going to give staff this capability too.

So - no - I think you need more than 2 or 3 SSIDs. (..waiting for the torrent of disagreements now)