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I want Set parameters ap in cloud controller aerohive. 
help me!!
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Posted 3 years ago

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Lưu Thanh Lâm, 
I have no idea what you are requesting. Could you restate and elaborate? 
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Are you asking how do the Aerohive access points complete HiveManager Online discovery?  If so:

  • Record the serial numbers of your access points (these are on the side of the boxes the access points came in).
  • Login to your HiveManager Online (
  • Click on the "Monitor" tab.
  • Click on the "All Devices" option in the left hand pane.
  • Click on the "Device Inventory..." button.
  • Select "Add/Import" from the drop down menu.
  • Enter each of the recorded serial numbers one per line.
  • Click on the "Add" button.
  • If the access points are already connected to network then reboot them.
  • Wait five minutes.
  • The access points should now appear in the HiveManager Online.
If you are coming from an Aruba point of view, which your terminology implies, the difference with the Aerohive system is that the Aerohive cloud management automatically applies the settings to the access points so they discover the correct HiveManager Online.

If you want to see this in action connect a console cable to a factory defaulted Aerohive access point, use the credentials admin/aerohive and execute a "show run" command.  You will see that the running configuration is empty.  Wait five minutes and try again.  You will now see that the Aerohive cloud management system has "pushed" two lines to the access point advising it how to connect to your HiveManager Online.
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I'm follow step by step here

But Access point is not appearing in My Hive Manager Online

this is My log AP.

AH-154380#show capwap client

CAPWAP client:   Enabled
CAPWAP transport mode:  HTTP on TCP
RUN state: Connected securely to the CAPWAP server
CAPWAP client IP:
CAPWAP server IP:
HiveManager Primary
HiveManager Backup Name:
CAPWAP Default Server Name:
Virtual HiveManager Name: VHM-6XSLCA
Server destination Port: 80
CAPWAP send event:       Enabled
CAPWAP DTLS state:       Enabled
CAPWAP DTLS negotiation: Enabled
     DTLS next connect status:   Enable
     DTLS always accept bootstrap passphrase: Enabled
     DTLS session status: Connected
     DTLS key type: passphrase
     DTLS session cut interval:     5 seconds
     DTLS handshake wait interval: 60 seconds
     DTLS Max retry count:   &zbsp;      3
     DTLS authorize failed:         0
     DTLS reconnect count:          0
Discovery interval:      5 seconds
Heartbeat interval:     30 seconds
Max discovery interval: 10 seconds
Neighbor dead interval:105 seconds
Silent interval:        15 seconds
Wait join interval:     60 seconds
Discovery count:         0
Max discovery count:     3
Retransmit count:        1
Max retransmit count:    2
Primary server tries:    0
Backup server tries:     0
Keepalives lost/sent:    37/43
Event packet drop due to buffer shortage: 0
Event packet drop due to loss connection: 8


AH-154380#capwap ping

CAPWAP ping parameters:
    Destination server: (
    Destination port: 12222
    Count: 5
    Size: 56(82) bytes
    Timeout: 5 seconds
CAPWAP ping result:
    82 bytes from udp port 12222: seq=1 time=229.643 ms
    82 bytes from udp port 12222: seq=2 time=229.424 ms
    82 bytes from udp port 12222: seq=3 time=229.236 ms
    82 bytes from udp port 12222: seq=4 time=229.403 ms
    82 bytes from udp port 12222: seq=5 time=229.610 ms
    ------- CAPWAP ping statistics -------
    5 packets transmitted, 5 received, 0.00% packet loss, time 6151.114ms
    rtt min/avg/max = 229.236/229.463/229.643 ms


AH-154380#show ntp
State:              Enable
Interval:           1440 minutes

AH-154380#show clock
      2015-10-07  07:31:54 Wednesday

and here Time zone on Hive Manager Online

Current Time10/07/2015 07:33:49 AM     Etc/UTC GMT  

And Config My Firewall for IP Address 's AP access FULL , permiss all port

But Access point is not appearing in My Hive Manager Online

I Also follow step by step Crowdie, Champ  above . But not sucessful.

Please Help Me. Thanks
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Have you checked that the serial number is registered in your HMOL?

Does your licensing entitlement allow this AP?

Are you sure that the serial of the AP is not in another HMOL instance?
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OK several things to check.

1.  Is the VHM correct?

Click on the "MyHive" link in the top right hand corner.  This should take you to the "MyHIve" screen where the VHM name is beside the "Logout" button in the top right hand corner.

It should be

2.  Is the server correct?

Inside your HiveManager Online the URL will appear in the browser as  Ping to get your server's IP address.  It should be

3.  Change the connection port


SSH or serial into an access point and enter the following command:

capwap client server port 12222

I noticed that your access point is connected to the HiveManager Online server using HTTP (port 80) and I have had issues with access points connected on port 80. 

I also noticed that a large percentage of your keepalive packets have been lost.
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Hi  Crowdie,
Thanks for helping

i check again and flow step by step your comment above .

i know i wrong VHM - name :

it isn't Virtual HiveManager Name: VHM-6XSLCA on my comment above 

it is my email:

thank you very much