Recommended Firmware for AP120, AP121, and HMOL

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I have been having a lot of weird issues with client connectivity and wanted to start at square one with these simple questions.

Which version of firmware do you recommend for AP120?

Which version of firmware do you recommend for AP121?

Which version of firmware do you recommend for HMOL?

I have had many problems after updating in the past so I wanted to get some other opinions on the best version(s) to run.

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Posted 2 years ago

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HMOL should always be on the latest version available to you. We just released version 6.8r7, and it should become available for you to self-upgrade in the next couple of weeks. Hopefully you are on 6.8r6 now.

For all of our 802.11n access points (including AP120 and AP121) the recommended version is whatever is latest in the HiveOS 6.5 branch (today, that's 6.5r5).
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We are using HMOL 6.8r6. Hive OS AP 120 & 121 6,5r5. It is very stable.
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Tommy, we are using 6.5r4 on AP121, it is stable but full config push can not be done. 6.5r6 should be released soon solving that issue.
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I took the advice of the banner at the top of our hive telling me to update. I won't do that again...

To resolve a ton of issue we were having, tech support had me downgrade to the following firmware versions. Tech Support had to enable several versions of older firmware for my Hive to see, download and install the software.

AP120 - HiveOS 6.5r4 Honolulu.128121 

AP121 - HiveOS 6.4r1g.2138 

AP330 - HiveOS 6.5r4 Honolulu.128121 

AP350 - HiveOS 6.5r4 Honolulu.128121 

AP230 - HiveOS 6.5r5 Honolulu.136354

AP250 - HiveOS 7.1r1.142326 

Hope this is helpful. 

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Just for anyone running across this thread in the near future a couple more recommendations from my experience.

If you are running WIPs the AP120 will not be happy with any 6.5x code and should be on  6.2r1c unless you are in a very quiet environment with very light load. As hotspots increase and client load increase so will the frequency of APs spiking their CPU if on the latest code up to 6.5r5.

If you are running AP121 and on HiveManager 6.8r4 or higher (until it gets fixed) at least still broke in 6.8r7 you may have issues pushing configs. In my case it took a special build to fix that but the stability with WIPs is not known yet(testing now). We were able to narrow down the issue to the AP being on a topology map and I use the topo maps to assign the management vlan. The special build is HiveOS 6.5r4 Honolulu.138395devdbg and only available from support. As the information about this build is limited I do not know when or if the fix will be moved to production. I know it is not in 6.5r5 as it was released prior to this build.

AP170 if using it as a bridge run HiveOS 6.1r2.1359 or prior code. If not running as a bridge then the latest code seems to run okay.

AP320 and 340  so far are running fine on the latest code.
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I'm confused (easily done).  I have some AP120 access points running 6.2r1c  I noticed that the following image/firmware appears to be the official latest version


If I logon onto the access point directly (we don't use the on line manager) and attempt to install this firmware it fails saying its not for this access point.

It clearly is supposed to be for the access point. 

I looked through to see if there were any "inbetween" versions as an intermediate upgrade - but couldn't see any for AP120.
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Previous HiveOS versions are available to download from the support portal by clicking on "Previous Software Releases". This is not expanded by default.

What error, if any, do you observe when you try and update via SSH using the save image command?

save image tftp://

If this fails, I would try stepping up through the releases after.

What do you see from:

show hw-info

show version detail