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Work in a large hospital, we have several buildings within the complex. Today the structure, we have four buildings in the same VHM. Another hospital building will have its own VHM, there is the possibility of leaving the same SSID on different VHMS? From what I checked, there is no integration between the VHMS, I have to do all the settings again?
The goal is to leave our department with overall management, including other buildings and other buildings with only manages the site, it is possible?


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You are correct. Each VHM is a literal virtual instance. Unfortunately there is no replication or integration of SSID's between the "home" instance and VHM instances. SSID "X" would have to be created, along with policy in each VHM.

If the other buildings don't need to make configuration changes, you could possibly leverage the Admin Groups function. You can create multiple administrators, and give them read/write permissions to only certain areas of HiveManager. Thus, a remote site could view client info, run Client Monitor, reports, etc, but all over-all configuration changes would run through your department. Then you don't have to use VHM at all.
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The best way to think about VHMs is to think of a multi-tenanted system - as that is what HiveManager is.

The "Home" VHM is for the overall administrator, who logs in with the super user account, and is the only administrator who can upgrade the HiveManager firmware, add new HiveOS images to the HiveManager, etc. The "Home" VHM administrator can access all the VHMs below the "Home" VHM, which is useful if the VHM tenant requires technical assistance. If the HiveManager was in a data centre the data centre administrator would use the super user account to log into the "Home" VHM to make any changes affecting all the VHMs.

Any other VHMs sit below the "Home" VHM and each of the administrators of these VHMs are given "Configuration and Monitoring" accounts that allows them to make changes to their VHM but not any others. They cannot do anything that would affect the other VHMs and, for this reason, a number of options available under the "Home" menu for the super user are not visible to "Configuration and Monitoring" accounts.

As each VHM is for a unique tenant you don't want objects from one VHM accessible in another VHM. What would happen if the "Configuration and Monitoring" administrator in one VHM created an 802.1X SSID called "Corporate" while the "Configuration and Monitoring" administrator in another VHM created a Private PSK SSID called "Corporate"?

HiveManager Online (HMOL) administrators are familiar with these administration limitations as they are "Configuration and Monitoring" administrators while Aerohive is the super user.