Numerous iPads not connecting to WiFi

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On a daily basis I have 5 or 6 iPads which don't connect to the WiFi network. These 5 or 6 iPads change on a daily basis. They usually get an IP address of and after resetting the iPad, or turning the WiFi on/off, they connect after 5 minutes or so. They are all running iOS 9.1.

How can I fix this issue? 

Not an Aerohive expert!!

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Posted 3 years ago

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I've seen similar issues where IOS devices have issues reconnecting after going into "sleep" mode. It's like the Apple device thinks it's still connected but the AP has dropped the session. We have to power them off completely and then power them back on. Once we do this, they come back online again. Only had this issue with Apple products.
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Hi Chad,

In the first instance, I would use Aerohive's Client Monitor feature to try to break the issue down so that you know where to look.

If you have any difficulty interpreting the information, post back here with that information and we'll take a look at it and advise you about next steps.


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We have similar issues all relating to the DHCP process not completing. Can you what the process on the AP? in our case the offer packet comes into the AP on eth0 but never leaves the AP, not on wifi0 or 1. We have worked with tier 3 support and they have verified the symptom. No resolution at this time.
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After many hours with tier 3 and QA at Aerohive we have a usable workaround. We have in our secondary buildings model 230 APs and MUST run firmware version 6.6r1. At our elementary buildings we have model 330 APs and MUST run firmware version 6.5r3. Since we made these changes we have almost totally eliminated connection issues. Normally two days after a restart of the APs we would begin to see DHCP issues creeping into the wifi network. So far after four days we have not had but a very small few and not all of those were attributed to the wifi network.

Here is what Aerohive said is the issue; "The APs, for whatever reason, were not encrypting the DHCP offer frames despite being 802.1X packets, having "Data is Protected" flag set in the Frame Control, and having "CCMP" header . So, when they get to the client and the client tries to decrypt them it would fail. I don't have any more detail as to why the AP was not encrypting the Offers, but I'll let you know if I'm able to get any more detail out of QA." We are told the issue will be fixed in firmware 6.7r1.