NG on premise getting feature parity with cloud version exactly when?

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When we decided to go with Aerohive we were shown the ipad app for guest self registration.
What we were not told was that this feature would not be available if we chose to host the Hive Manager on premise - although we stated from the beginning that this was he way we wanted (actually have to) do it.

HMNG got a nice update this weekend, but still the on premise version lacks behind the cloud version.
Version number on prem is:
Version number cloud is:

The Social Login is not available in the on prem version. As far as I know, the structure behind this is also used for the ipad app to connect to the HMNG.
So if this is implemented I could finally tell my bosses that they got what they paid for more than half a year late.

When will we finally have feature parity between the HM NG on premise and the cloud version? I am now at a point where I am constantly being asked for a date - a simple "I don't know" is not really accepted anymore from the higher-ups, and the decision to go with Aerohive has been openly questioned at least once already, especially since it was not the cheapest alternative we had (by a long shot)

Some ammunition to fire back would be highly appreciated.
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Tobias Protz

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Posted 9 months ago

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Bill Lundgren, Employee

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Hi Tobias,

 It depends on what you mean by "feature parity." the NG On-Premises VA will never be "exactly" the same as the cloud. Aerohive is a cloud company, and as such, we develop for the cloud first. All new features and innovation happens there. The cloud solution is a massive micro-services architecture designed for huge scale, and to create the VA, we have to take all of those functions and miniaturize it into a single-instance platform. This is why the scale on the VA is 2000 devices, and no matter how much horsepower to toss at it, it won't grow much beyond that. That single VM image is doing A LOT.

When we release new hardware and such, Aerohive will try where it makes sense to coordinate the release of new hardware platforms to coincide with a new NG VA platform update, such that our cloud and on-premises customers can leverage new hardware at the same time.  The release cadence however will always be that cloud will release monthly updates. Then every 3 months or so, a VA platform update will occur that will be an amalgamation of all of the cloud changes since the last VA rollup. Thus the VA will always lag behind the cloud by a few months, until the updates occur.

New features will always go to the cloud first. There will also be things that can never be part of the on-premises instance. For instance, location and presence API's are not, and cannot be part of that. That data stream requires huge amounts of power and complexity, and is something we can only do from the cloud.

Making an on-premises product is not easy, and there is a good reason none of our competition does it - because it's really hard! So there will always be some trade-offs. You're trading "owning" the data and the instance, for agile, cloud-based flexibility.

As far as social login, right now it is a cloud-only feature, limited to Facebook and Google. We will be expanding that to support other login mechanisms later. We are currently looking at architectures and the entire social login "product" and considering it for use in the on-premises NGVA, but that is not fully roadmapped yet. It would most-likely not be something that would occur before end of this year, but perhaps, early next year.

My recommendation is to have a conversation with your account manager and local systems engineer. They can guide you in terms of feature roadmap and also bring you up to date information as new things come to the VA product.

Thanks, BIll Lundgren
Director, Systems Engineering
US Central, West, and Canada
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Tobias Protz

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Hello Bill,
thanks for your response - but I have to strongly disagree.
Every competitor offers on premise solutions. In most cases they do not offer cloud solutions at all. HP had only hardware controllers for their APs (before they bought Aruba), Cisco ist just now moving more logic into the APs, Ruckus uses on-premise controllers etc... Even with Ubiquiti you have to have their controller software running all the time for certain functions.

My main gripe is that we were promised features in the sales pitch that have yet to materialize. We bought your product based on those features (guest self-onboarding via iPad being one of them) , yet we were only told AFTER we purchased everything and paid for it that they were not available on premise.
I am very sorry, but that is not acceptable. It would be easy to offer an alternative solution for on-premise customers (p.ex. a different app that connects via the provided API), yet you chose not to do so. The ipad App could easily be customised to connect to whatever Hive Manager you would prefer (local/cloud), yet this feature is absent.

Those are glaring omissions!

Also, considering the way your HM is structured, I heard that you are moving to a Docker based environment, splitted into several containers for the sub-functions. This would make it insanely easy to deploy on premise, if you need more computing resources in a certain aspect you would simply start more instances of that part of the manager (I assume it works similar to this in the cloud already). Also, you could finally break your dependency on certain virtualization solutions with that.

But to sum it up:

What I demand is just what we were shown at the presentation pitch and what we paid lots of money for. Basically those features that made us choose Aerohive over Ruckus.
Those were:
a) self-registration for guests via iPad app
b) social login (finally making its comeback online)
c) spectrum analysis inside the HiveManager (still not available in NG, though it was apparently available in HM classic - so the hardware should be capable of it)

That was stuff that was presented to us in the video conversation through slides and talk with a tech representative of Aerohive. Those were among the features that made us shell out MORE money than the competition (Ruckus, Cisco, Aruba) would've cost us.

This is stuff you haven't delivered yet. In fact, only our consultant told us after the delivery of the hard- and software that those were not possible on premise and with NG.

In fact, I have more gripes with HMNG (not able to easily reinstall when data is corrupted because the license key won't work for anothter install, even on the same Vcenter connected to the same APs, and also no possibility of saving a remote backup of the complete configuration - no, a VM snapshot is NOT a backup! )
But for now I would be glad if only that stuff we PAID for was actually THERE!

Sorry for the rage, but this has been going on for over half a year, and all I get as response is marketing bs.