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We have exciting information to share about the addition of Client Management to our HiveManager cloud-enabled management solution.

As you recall, the Client Management beta was included in our HiveOS and HiveManager version 6.1r1 release, which was announced in a community update earlier this week.

This blog - Aerohive adds completely automated provisioning and management for connected clients - by Aerohive's Abby Strong explains the benefits of Client Management in detail.

You can also visit the Client Management page on our website for details.

And for a whiteboard demo, you can watch this video.


- Amanda
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Posted 5 years ago

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Crowdie, Champ

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Is this type of functionality going to be made available for on-premise HM deployments or, as with ID Manager, is it cloud only?
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Brian Ambler

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As with ID Manager, though Client Management is located in the cloud, it can be integrated with an on-premise HiveManager to take advantage of all available features.

However, if you are asking whether or not we will have the option to deploy an on-premise Client Management VA in the future, then I am not sure. Perhaps one of our Product Managers who roam the community will be able to give you a definiate answer.
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Mike Kouri, Official Rep

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Brian is as usual exactly correct. We have no plans at the moment to offer an on-premises back-end for the client management.
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Crowdie, Champ

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I suppose my concern is that, for on-premise HiveManager deployments, these cloud products can become a single point of failure. This was a serious issue with the GuestManager product when the access points were at the other end of a WAN link.

As the last two major product releases; ID Manager and Client Management; are both cloud only products can we now expect Aerohive to continue down a cloud only path?
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Uli Saur

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First, I have to say I love your products so much, we sold a lot of Aerohive stuff the last two years. But here in Europe and especially in Germany there is a problem with pushing personal data to the public cloud.

In most of my meetings with potential Aerohive buyers I convince them after a few minutes. Then they ask for guest management and I have to tell them that this is only running in the cloud and things getting difficult. Sometimes we can win them to buy Aerohive plus a third party guest management appliance - sometimes we loose all.

I do not know how important the European market is for Aerohive (I remember Devin saying it's very important last year in Frankfurt) but please help us to be even more successful with Aerohive and make ID Manager and Client Management available as a on-premise solution.

Thank you very much!
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Juha Lindström

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100% correct with this one. And especially now with all of this NSA spying Europeans fuzz going on in the news. Enterprises are getting very concerned when something is getting pushed out to cloud.
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I completely agree with Uli.

It is interesting that Uli has looked at a "third party guest management appliance" as we are looking at deploying the Aruba ClearPass solution to handle our guests and just have the Aerohive equipment carrying the traffic. To do full enforcement we need to deploy a small Aruba controller and, by this time, you are starting to ask if it would not just be easier to deploy Aruba access points as well.

The US government's collection of personal data from the cloud, irrelevant of whether the personal data if about US citizens of not, is getting a large amount of airtime in the media here (both on the six o'clock news and in the printed media) and is, for some deals, certainly not making it easy to sell cloud solutions with servers based overseas. Now while the Aerohive solution does not push the data plane into the cloud when you are neck and neck with another vendor in securing a deal giving the competition ammo to seed doubt in the customer's mind does not help your chances of securing the business.

The User Manager is an excellent product but it is now starting to look dated and once deployments more from their "initial deployment" phase to the "we would also like" phase its limitations start to become obvious. If you look through some of the threads about changes wanted to User Manager you will see that what people are asking for it not major but would make a huge difference to our ability to sell and continue supporting the Aerohive solution.

Making cloud based products is not an issue but when major functionality is made cloud only that puts the Aerohive solution at a disadvantage when compared to other wireless products for customers that are unwilling or not legally allowed to utilise cloud based products.
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I just dropped by by accident, but user management is a hot topic in our institute, so here are my two cent.
Currentyl we're using a Meru solution to do our guest user management, but with it running out in about 1.5 years, I'm having a closer look on the Aerohive product. I'd really like to have the whole WiFi business in one hand, but I don't like the cloud for security, or availability reasons.
It would make me cry of joy if Aerohive could provide a local solution via HiveManager appliance and a local database.