Mesh planning vs dedicated links

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We’re planning a WiFi install for 4 warehouse buildings located on the same lot.
Would like to determine the possibility of using a mesh from a single hub site to link to the other 3 buildings. I have had a test with meshing APs together and found the throughput drops a lot for the first hop, then drops further for 2nd hop etc. Would only consider a mesh for a single hop.

Have attached two layouts. – one with a single hub meshing to all 3 buildings; other splitting the mesh to two APs, forcing two buildings on one channel, another building on a different 5GHz channel - to achieve better throughput.

At each building plan to connect a dual-input MIMO antenna to a AP350 (and disable the third 5GHz port). Use a dual-input sector antenna for the Hub building. Only use 5GHz for backhaul mesh – no clients. Thinking this might be a disadvantage for customer experience with 2gig only.

Distances between buildings to hub are less than 40m across a carpark. Buildings will have 20, 50, 50 and 70 users in each respective 4 buildings. On the building with 70 users I think it might be possible to connect all 3 APs to a switch, and have one AP350 mesh back to the hub.

Although it will use the mesh part of Aerohive, I don’t intend for a second hops, as each building will have a switch.
We are weighing this ‘mesh’ solution up verses using dedicated point to multipoint links between the offices.

Any advice recommending the viability of this would be appreciated.



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Posted 4 years ago

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Hi Jason,

Could you tell me what are the data rate and SNR you get between the mesh nodes? Show "hive <hive name> neighbour" command should give you the information.

You will lose 50% of the throughput per hop. For example, The throughput from the Portal to Mesh1 is 12 Mbps, the throughput from Mesh2 via Mesh1 to the Portal will be 6 Mbps. Furthermore, since wireless is a shared medium, the more mesh points connected to a Portal the more throughput degradation will be.

It is very important to ensure that you have a decent SNR and data rate between the mesh nodes in order to get a decent throughput. For 11a connection I would ensure the minimum data rate and SNR are 24Mbps and 25dB, respectively. Please also check if there are any radars in the area as this may introduce an issue as well.

Based on the information you have provided so far I would go for the second option, this will provide 70 users with better backhaul connection.