login fails with private PSK

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We cannot connect anymore to our SSID with the generated private PSK, even after recreating new private PSK's, after upgrading to firmware HiveOS 6.6r2a Irvine.2309, sending configuration to all AP's. 
Our other SSID with WPA/WPA2 802.1X (Enterprise) or SSID with WPA/WPA2 PSK (Personal) are working fine.
Any suggestion?

This is a client monitor log:

       Time        Client MAC Addr     BSSID     Device Name  Level   Description


10/05/2016 08:22:05 AM  54E43A892444  9C5D120A40E7  AH-0a40c0    BASIC   (1629)Sta(at if=wifi1.4) is de-authenticated because of notification of driver
10/05/2016 08:22:05 AM  54E43A892444  9C5D120A40E7  AH-0a40c0    BASIC   (1630)Sta(at if=wifi1.4) is de-authenticated because of notification of driver
10/05/2016 08:22:05 AM  54E43A892444  9C5D120A40E6  AH-0a40c0    BASIC   (1634)Rx auth <open> (frame 1, rssi -60dB)
10/05/2016 08:22:05 AM  54E43A892444  9C5D120A40E6  AH-0a40c0    BASIC   (1635)Tx auth <open> (frame 2, status 0, pwr 13dBm)
10/05/2016 08:22:05 AM  54E43A892444  9C5D120A40E6  AH-0a40c0    BASIC   (1636)Rx assoc req (rssi -60dB)
10/05/2016 08:22:05 AM  54E43A892444  9C5D120A40E6  AH-0a40c0    BASIC   (1637)Tx assoc resp <accept> (status 0, pwr 13dBm)
10/05/2016 08:22:05 AM  54E43A892444  9C5D120A40E6  AH-0a40c0    INFO    (1638)WPA-PSK auth is starting (at if=wifi1.3)
10/05/2016 08:22:05 AM  54E43A892444  9C5D120A40E6  AH-0a40c0    INFO    (1639)Sending 1/4 msg of 4-Way Handshake (at if=wifi1.3)
10/05/2016 08:22:05 AM  54E43A892444  9C5D120A40E6  AH-0a40c0    INFO    (1640)Received 2/4 msg of 4-Way Handshake (at if=wifi1.3)
10/05/2016 08:22:09 AM  54E43A892444  9C5D120A40E6  AH-0a40c0    INFO    (1641)Sending 1/4 msg of 4-Way Handshake (at if=wifi1.3)
10/05/2016 08:22:09 AM  54E43A892444  9C5D120A40E6  AH-0a40c0    INFO    (1642)Received 2/4 msg of 4-Way Handshake (at if=wifi1.3)
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Posted 2 years ago

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I've encountered this a couple of times, where auto-generated PPSKs fail to authenticate when they did previously.

Unfortunately where I've had this issue, deleting the User Group and recreating it seemed to be the only way to fix the problem. There may be some underlying reason that perhaps could be found, but I think it's quicker to simply delete and recreate the group.
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Just tried it, but not the solution for us. Thx anyway!