It it possible to add SSID to specific APs?

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I have seen this this other vendors, where when you create an ssid you can set it up to not automatic broadcast it out.

Then you can select which APs you want to have the new SSID, instead of removing it from the APs that you don't want to broadcast the SSID.

Makes sense?
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Posted 5 years ago

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We currently don't have the ability to attach an SSID to a Network profile and default it to being disabled, but there's another way you can do this which might work for you.

Create two network policies: one with only the SSIDs that you want to use across the whole campus, and a second with the additional SSID that you only want to advertise from a limited set of APs.

That allows you to selectively enable the SSID by just switching the network profile on the smaller number of APs that you want to enable the SSID on.

One thing to keep in mind is that you'll want to be careful about keeping the changes in sync. You'll want to make changes in one policy only, and then use the paintbrush to copy the changes to the second one.
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Yeah I was thinking that was how I was going to handle this. Do you think this can be a feature request?
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Have you made contact with your local Aerohive Systems Engineer? This is where you'd typically make the request for features. If you haven't, let me know what state you are and and I'll find out who it is for you.
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In case you are basically asking for what some other vendors call a "stealth SSID", commonly done in the past for Open SSIDs to make them "secure", then yes it could be a legitimate feature request. With that said, it's a false sense of security, and I would be predisposed to reject it.

If Tash was correct that you wanted to attach an SSID to a Network Policy but disable it for some hive members that use that policy, then I (or the Aerohive SE you work with to submit the feature request) would want to know a lot more about what you really wanted to accomplish and why the approach Tash laid out was undesirable.
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No this would be a secure ssid that I would only want on a couple APs, not all 400 for example. This ssid is used for provisioning our ieverything. Password would be something easy to type in like 11111111. Currently we also have this ssid avaiable 8:00 till 4:00, but that was more me playing with the schedular.
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Hi Guys,

I just wanted to know if there is now a way to attach an SSID to a Network profile and default it to being disabled? Or being able to disable/enable an SSID to a group of AP at once (using the checkbox, tags or something else...).
We have a lot of AP, and selecting one AP at the time would be a bit painful :)

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Unfortunately configuring SSID allocation on mass is not possible from within the 'device configuration' window. I'm of the opinion that if an SSID is not needed on such a large scale it would be more appropriate to remove it from the network policy entirely. Even it if means creating a second network policy to achieve this.

I have seen it done using SSID schedules - however I would not recommend it.
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Same need here, for that we have created a feature request that will be implemented in next gen HM.