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My battle with Apple devices continues...   I'm not entirely sure why, but we seem to have a disproportionate number of issues with Apple products on our WLAN.  

When a user connects to our primary SSID, they are forced to log in via captive portal on our content filter (iBoss).  This generally lasts all day for them as the content filter associates their ip with the device with a timeout after 8 hours of inactivity.

But for some reason I these folks with iPads, MacBooks and iPhones complain about having to regularly re-login during the day.

Our DHCP leases are also 8 hours.    I did a bit of client monitoring on an iPad in one of our buildings.  It stays in this same room and associates to this same access point 24/7, yet I see a great deal of re-issuing of DHCP requests inside the 8 hour lease time:

05/04/2016 01:05:39 PM  34A39507AC37  9C5D127E5AE5  HMAY_WAP22   INFO    (187)station sent out DHCP REQUEST message
05/04/2016 01:05:39 PM  34A39507AC37  9C5D127E5AE5  HMAY_WAP22   INFO    (188)DHCP server sent out DHCP ACKNOWLEDGE message to station
05/04/2016 01:05:39 PM  34A39507AC37  9C5D127E5AE5  HMAY_WAP22   BASIC   (189)DHCP session completed for station
05/04/2016 01:05:39 PM  34A39507AC37  9C5D127E5AE5  HMAY_WAP22   BASIC   (190)IP assigned for station
05/04/2016 03:05:47 PM  34A39507AC37  9C5D127E5AD5  HMAY_WAP22   BASIC   (213)Rx auth <open> (frame 1, rssi -50dB)
05/04/2016 03:05:47 PM  34A39507AC37  9C5D127E5AD5  HMAY_WAP22   BASIC   (214)Tx auth <open> (frame 2, status 0, pwr 9dBm)
05/04/2016 03:05:47 PM  34A39507AC37  9C5D127E5AD5  HMAY_WAP22   BASIC   (215)Rx assoc req (rssi -53dB)
05/04/2016 03:05:47 PM  34A39507AC37  9C5D127E5AD5  HMAY_WAP22   BASIC   (216)Tx assoc resp <accept> (status 0, pwr 9dBm)
05/04/2016 03:05:47 PM  34A39507AC37  9C5D127E5AD5  HMAY_WAP22   INFO    (217)Open auth is starting (at if=wifi0.2)
05/04/2016 03:05:47 PM  34A39507AC37  9C5D127E5AD5  HMAY_WAP22   BASIC   (218)Authentication is successfully finished (at if=wifi0.2)
05/04/2016 03:05:47 PM  34A39507AC37  9C5D127E5AE5  HMAY_WAP22   BASIC   (219)Sta(at if=wifi1.2) is de-authenticated because of roaming away
05/04/2016 03:05:47 PM  34A39507AC37  9C5D127E5AE5  HMAY_WAP22   BASIC   (221)Sta(at if=wifi1.2) is de-authenticated because of notification of driver
05/04/2016 03:06:05 PM  34A39507AC37  9C5D127E5AE5  HMAY_WAP22   BASIC   (234)Rx auth <open> (frame 1, rssi -51dB)
05/04/2016 03:06:05 PM  34A39507AC37  9C5D127E5AE5  HMAY_WAP22   BASIC   (235)Tx auth <open> (frame 2, status 0, pwr 7dBm)
05/04/2016 03:06:05 PM  34A39507AC37  9C5D127E5AE5  HMAY_WAP22   BASIC   (236)Rx assoc req (rssi -52dB)
05/04/2016 03:06:05 PM  34A39507AC37  9C5D127E5AE5  HMAY_WAP22   BASIC   (237)Tx assoc resp <accept> (status 0, pwr 7dBm)
05/04/2016 03:06:05 PM  34A39507AC37  9C5D127E5AE5  HMAY_WAP22   INFO    (238)Open auth is starting (at if=wifi1.2)
05/04/2016 03:06:05 PM  34A39507AC37  9C5D127E5AE5  HMAY_WAP22   BASIC   (239)Authentication is successfully finished (at if=wifi1.2)
05/04/2016 03:06:05 PM  34A39507AC37  9C5D127E5AD5  HMAY_WAP22   BASIC   (240)Sta(at if=wifi0.2) is de-authenticated because of roaming away
05/04/2016 03:06:05 PM  34A39507AC37  9C5D127E5AD5  HMAY_WAP22   BASIC   (242)Sta(at if=wifi0.2) is de-authenticated because of notification of driver
05/04/2016 05:05:34 PM  34A39507AC37  9C5D127E5AE5  HMAY_WAP22   INFO    (294)station sent out DHCP REQUEST message
05/04/2016 05:05:34 PM  34A39507AC37  9C5D127E5AE5  HMAY_WAP22   INFO    (295)DHCP server sent out DHCP ACKNOWLEDGE message to station
05/04/2016 05:05:34 PM  34A39507AC37  9C5D127E5AE5  HMAY_WAP22   BASIC   (296)DHCP session completed for station
05/04/2016 05:05:34 PM  34A39507AC37  9C5D127E5AE5  HMAY_WAP22   BASIC   (297)IP assigned for station
05/04/2016 06:35:29 PM  34A39507AC37  9C5D127E5AE5  HMAY_WAP22   INFO    (317)station sent out DHCP REQUEST message
05/04/2016 06:35:29 PM  34A39507AC37  9C5D127E5AE5  HMAY_WAP22   INFO    (318)DHCP server sent out DHCP ACKNOWLEDGE message to station
05/04/2016 06:35:29 PM  34A39507AC37  9C5D127E5AE5  HMAY_WAP22   BASIC   (319)DHCP session completed for station
05/04/2016 06:35:29 PM  34A39507AC37  9C5D127E5AE5  HMAY_WAP22   BASIC   (320)IP assigned for station
05/04/2016 10:35:24 PM  34A39507AC37  9C5D127E5AE5  HMAY_WAP22   INFO    (321)station sent out DHCP REQUEST message
05/04/2016 10:35:24 PM  34A39507AC37  9C5D127E5AE5  HMAY_WAP22   INFO    (322)DHCP server sent out DHCP ACKNOWLEDGE message to station
05/04/2016 10:35:24 PM  34A39507AC37  9C5D127E5AE5  HMAY_WAP22   BASIC   (323)DHCP session completed for station
05/04/2016 10:35:24 PM  34A39507AC37  9C5D127E5AE5  HMAY_WAP22   BASIC   (324)IP assigned for station
05/05/2016 12:05:19 AM  34A39507AC37  9C5D127E5AE5  HMAY_WAP22   INFO    (325)station sent out DHCP REQUEST message
05/05/2016 12:05:19 AM  34A39507AC37  9C5D127E5AE5  HMAY_WAP22   INFO    (326)DHCP server sent out DHCP ACKNOWLEDGE message to station
05/05/2016 12:05:19 AM  34A39507AC37  9C5D127E5AE5  HMAY_WAP22   BASIC   (327)DHCP session completed for station
05/05/2016 12:05:19 AM  34A39507AC37  9C5D127E5AE5  HMAY_WAP22   BASIC   (328)IP assigned for station
05/05/2016 04:05:13 AM  34A39507AC37  9C5D127E5AE5  HMAY_WAP22   INFO    (329)station sent out DHCP REQUEST message
05/05/2016 04:05:13 AM  34A39507AC37  9C5D127E5AE5  HMAY_WAP22   INFO    (330)DHCP server sent out DHCP ACKNOWLEDGE message to station
05/05/2016 04:05:13 AM  34A39507AC37  9C5D127E5AE5  HMAY_WAP22   BASIC   (331)DHCP session completed for station
05/05/2016 04:05:13 AM  34A39507AC37  9C5D127E5AE5  HMAY_WAP22   BASIC   (332)IP assigned for station
05/05/2016 06:42:13 AM  34A39507AC37  9C5D127E5AE5  HMAY_WAP22   INFO    (333)station sent out DHCP REQUEST message
05/05/2016 06:42:13 AM  34A39507AC37  9C5D127E5AE5  HMAY_WAP22   INFO    (334)DHCP server sent out DHCP ACKNOWLEDGE message to station
05/05/2016 06:42:13 AM  34A39507AC37  9C5D127E5AE5  HMAY_WAP22   BASIC   (335)DHCP session completed for station
05/05/2016 06:42:13 AM  34A39507AC37  9C5D127E5AE5  HMAY_WAP22   BASIC   (336)IP assigned for station

Any clues? Anyone else experiencing similar issues with Apple devices?
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Posted 2 years ago

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That is most likely caused by how DHCP works. Halfway through a DHCP lease, the client will request to renew the lease. So with an 8 hour lease, you would expect to see a client try to renew its lease at the 4 hour mark.

It could also be something causing the device to disassociate and re-associate with the WLAN.
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I did not know that.  Learned something new today.   Then I probably need to check with iBoss support to see if the lease renewal process (even though the device gets the same ip) somehow impacts the authentication status with the filter.