ID Manager usability: overwriting existing guest account suggestion

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When using the Registration UI, if the operator attempts to create a user for whom the primary credential (in this case telephone number) already exists, they get a notification that they are going to update the existing record.

The obvious implication is that the existing credentials will immediately become invalid (though this isn't stated explicitly).

Due to the way a couple of my customers are using ID Manager, it would be very useful if this dialog could display the pre-existing user's details (name, e-mail address and remaining validity period). This would allow the operator to confirm whether the new guest they are entering is actual the same person or not and remind them that the existing credentials will be invalidated as a result.

I realise this may seem daft at first glance, since the key is the user's phone number which should be unique to them, however my customer has a frequent situation where they are creating accounts for contractors in advance of their visit for whom they do not have a mobile number. Instead, as they want telephone number to be the primary account field, they are entering the phone number of the hotdesk which the contractor will be working at for the duration of their stay.

That obviously means that the one account may be re-used for different guests if they are seated at the same hotdesk as a previous guest (with the name and e-mail address being updated in the existing account).

What has happened multiple times now, and was causing a LOT of confusion until I was able to unravel it from the audit and authentication logs, is that a long-term contractor with, say, a 90-day guest account might go on holiday for a week, during which time their hotdesk is allocated to another short-term contractor. When the original contractor returns, they find their account no longer works. A couple of times this has resulted in multiple flip-flops between two users who were repeatedly assigned to the same hotdesk!

If the above warning were worded something like this (perhaps only in the case where the name/e-mail address differ from the ones being entered), the operator would be more aware of what they are doing:

"This guest (xxxx) already exists. The existing account details are:

Name: John Smith
E-Mail address:
Account is valid until: 31-Dec-2014 09:00

If you continue, this account will be updated and new credentials will be issued, invalidating the previous credentials."

I realise this is quite a specific situation with this customer, but I'd say it's always useful to have as much information as possible when performing a task that is going to overwrite an existing account.
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Posted 4 years ago

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Thanks for the feedback, good suggestion. I will make sure the appropriate Product Manager sees this.