How to guest wifi permanent accounts administration segregation?

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Given the following situation:
Several locations have their own Aerohive WiFi setup, but they all share the same Hive since they share a common guest SSID that is attached to every Network Profile (requirement from client, all locations share the same mangement).
Now they want to be able to administer the guest accounts per location, but with one requirement: guest accounts created by one location should not be deletable by other locations. (This is pertaining to Permanent Accounts, Temporary Accounts proved to be less useful to the location because of returning users)

I can create a User Manager Operator per location and limit their actions to one User Group, but i can only do this for Temporary Accounts:
- I cannot edit the default Admin Group User Manager Operator to allow Permanent Accounts. (save will stay greyed out),

- I cannot clone the default Admin Group User Manager Operator to edit another Admin Group. (selection square is greyed out),

- If i create a new Admin Group, there is no option "User Manager" to be found. If i expand all options i cannot find either "Permanent Accounts or User Manager".

How should i proceed on this? It seems to be impossible to segregate the admin rights for usermanager in the way the client has requested, of course i could give them all their own hive, but that would also break the guest SSID that's now spanning all locations.
We are using HiveManager Enterprise 6.1r1
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Posted 5 years ago

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I raised this issue with Aerohive over a year ago and I am hopeful that some day the User Manager Administrator and User Manager Operator accounts will be more configurable:

  • The User Manager Administrator account should be able to be limited to specific PPSK local admin groups and/or SSIDs.
  • The User Manager Operator account should be able to revoke Automatic PPSKs they have the permission to create.
  • The User Manager Operator should be able to create/revoke Manual PPSKs.

Ideally I want an account that can create/revoke Manual PPSKs but can be limited to specific PPSK local user groups and/or SSID(s). Manual PPSKs appear in the logs and reports as the account's name rather than an automatically generated name that doesn't identity the actual wireless user.
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I raised this, and the many other ludicrous design decisions related to PPSK administration and use, when the features were introduced. Every single person at Aerohive I speak to agrees that the whole implementation of PPSK is ridiculous, but absolutely nothing has been done about it. Instead, we have ID Manager, which solves a different set of problems.

I have long since given up any hope of Aerohive doing anything with PPSK. It basically makes what should be one of the product's most powerful selling points look like a complete joke. I've lost track of the number of times I've had to apologise to customers.

This has come up again today and once again I'm having to compromise what should be a simple solution because of the very bad design of this feature set.

Is there ANY chance, Aerohive, that we will ever get PPSK and UserManager to work the way every customer wants it to work?

Sorry for the rant, but it frustrates the living daylights out of me that such simple feature requests that are universally agreed to be sensible have still not been implemented after all these years, yet we constantly get pointless tweaks to the UI worked on just to make Aerohive look more like Meraki. Stop obsessing with copying Meraki, and make your product better!

Rant over. For what it's worth.
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I suspect that the only reason that this has not been touched is because there are fears about any improvements cannibalising ID manager sales. However, as you say, they solve a different set of problems albeit with some overlap. I personally feel it is rather short sighted and is, on balance, more likely to simply reduce sales to new customers and frustrate existing ones.
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I would like to thank all of you for your perseverance and belief in PPSK as well as your candid feedback.

Nick is correct in his statement that ID Manager and User Manager are meant to serve different needs.  And you will see us continue to evolve these products along different paths.

Unfortunately, I cannot say a lot about how we are improving PPSKs but we recognize the value of PPSK and will be placing a greater focus on this.