How will this integrate with our current network? #InfoneticsWebinar

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How will this integrate with our current network? #InfoneticsWebinar
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In order to best answer your question I would need clarification on the word this.  Are you referring to wireless ac or aerohive access points?  To the former there could be some substantial improvements required to existing infrastructure depending on how old the backbone on the network is.  You could technically deploy ac compatible access points on an older network to support ac devices however the clients themselves will be expecting amazing throughput on those devices and if the network is only 10/100 they won't see any of the speed increase since the pipe supplying the AP is a max of 100mbps.  It would kind of be like supplying a fire hydrant water via a garden hose.  If the clients are jumping from wireless g 54mbps to wireless ac then they may notice an improvement assuming they are the only ones associated to the AP.  If you're network is all 10/100/1000 the speed improvement still may not be substantial versus wireless N since you can still only support a limited number of devices at the increased speed.  If you have a network with a 10GbE backbone that would be the best bet for supplying the clients the speeds they expect out of the ac standard.  But you would need 10GbE all the way up to the AP otherwise you'll still be drinking out of the metaphorical garden hose.  Of course if your org. is like ours you only have a 10/100/1000 backbone and even that is limited by our 20mbps garden hose that we call our internet service.  *mutters under his breathe about evil monopolistic ISPs that only provide limited bandwidth for far too much money*

For the latter assumed meaning of the word this.  Aerohive AP's integrate quite nicely with existing hardware unless the existing hardware just doesn't play nice with other vendors.  We have cisco and netgear switches supplying our APs and everything works just dandy.  I would probably recommend replacing existing APs with aerohive since the benefits of the mesh link can really only be realized if there are other aerohive APs in range but maybe there is a way that aerohive has come up with to make their devices more compatible in a mixed vendor environment.  We just don't have that situation in our org. so I can't really speak to that.