How many APs in a single building?

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What's the largest number of APs you have running in a single building?

Or, to phrase the question slightly differently, at what kind of volume / density / AP count does a Hive break down?

I'm outfitting a 270,000 sq foot biomedical research facility (lots of metal) and am wanting a touch stone on how (a) far we've been able to push this technology, and (b) a rough feel for how many APs I'll be buying (coverage first, throughput second).

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Posted 3 years ago

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Hi Stuart,

There's no way to answer your question without evaluating business needs and doing a site assessment first. Lots, and lots of variables to take into account. Some people like to use arbitrary cell coverage values to calculate AP count but those estimates are almost always way, way off.

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Hi Omar,

I would like to claim that it is easy for folks to answer this question.

Notice that I'm not asking how many APs I *want* to install in this particular building.

Rather, I'm asking:  "How many APs have *you* installed into a single building?"

And wanting to hear how large the "biggest" counts are.

[That being said, to your point, perhaps my optimism around (b) being at all relevant to my particular building is unrealistic.]

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But the question is in itself moot as it will not be relevant to your building. What will be relevant is performing an assessment of the site, with the right tools, to determine optimal AP placement based on your requirements. This will give you your number.

This isn't to make that process sound mysterious or voodooesque, or overly expensive/burdomsome - rather it is the prerequisite to knowing what you'll need. There isn't a magic shortcut that can be taken.

You can get a limited approximation using a building plan and Aerohive's tool.
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IF you can use the Aerohive Planning app it will give you a close estimate for coverage only.  You may need to adjust of heavy concentrations of metal, If you want to plan capacity there is a lot of research including what client radios and capabilities they have.
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I'm so new and ignorant in this space, I bet I'm using words which are misleading.  Let me try again, in an effort to address the topic which attracts my attention right now and which prompted me to post here:

- At what density in a given building does a Hive breakdown?  10 APs?  100 APs?  1000 APs?

- Or is max capacity a limit of number of neighbors -- a given AP maxes out at 5?  10?  20? neighbors within shouting distance?

- Or, is this solution infinitely scalable -- the total number of APs doesn't matter, and while the number of neighbors does matter, the Hive manages that by automatically reducing power here and there, so that a given AP has no more than x neighbors within shouting distance, where 'x' is more than manageable by current AP processing limits?

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Building is a really, really arbitrary distinction, the two interesting questions is "how many APs in a single hive before the AMRP (etc) traffic becomes overwhelming" and your third question. AH does have automated signal strength adjustments, but they aren't perfect.