How do I get 1GB speed from AP370 AC?

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Is there a way to tweak my 370/390 radio profiles to get a higher data rate. Ideally up to 1GB performance. I am connected to the AP with my 2013 Macbook Air AC wifi card, but only get a Max of 400 MBps.

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Posted 4 years ago

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It's very, very difficult to actually get the full nominal speed out of ac equipment, and really impractical under actual real-world conditions. You need to use the full 160MHz bandwidth and have a rather high SNR. Furthermore, the client device will need to use all three spatial streams - I don't know if the wireless adapter in the MBA does so.
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MBA is 2x2:2 but if SGI is enabled and AP has POE+ then the transmit in the MBA will show at 867Mbps theoretical.
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J. is spot on here. 

See and

You'll need to set the 5 GHz radio profile to support 80 MHz wide channels as well as support SGI at a bare minimum.  If the 80 MHz space isint clean, you'll have a difficult time achieving it as well as I believe the AP will send RTS's (non-HT duplicate frames according to the latest CWNA book) across the 4 20 MHz wide channels, and if it gets CTSs back from the client on each channel, it will be able to transmit across all 80 MHz of frequency space. 

You'll also need a low-mid 30's SNR as well. 

Under these circumstance would you possibly be able to achieve this.
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It is important to note that the data rate is not the throughput.  Aerohive access points have an integrated iPerf server so you can use that with an iPerf client on the wireless device to get some idea of what the throughput is.
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without POE+ aka 802.3at the 370 and 390 will default to 2x2:2 you will need a power injector or a POE+ switch. Also if you enable the short guard interval you will see a 10% increase in the transmit speed.
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Can you copy/paste the following commands:
  • show system power status
  • show interface wifi1
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Any reasons why someone would not use short guard interval? I'm not familiar with it.
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