HiveOS and HiveManager version 6.1r1 has been released

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HiveOS and HiveManager version 6.1r1 is now available for on-premise customers. Customers with an on-premise HiveManager may upgrade through their HiveManager directly from the Download Server or manually download the upgrade file from their Support Portal. As with our 6.0r2 releases, there are certain hardware requirements for on-premise HiveManagers; please make sure that your on-premise HiveManager meets the requirements laid out on page 1 of the release notes before upgrading.

The SR series switch image for 6.1r1 is not included in tonight's release as there are still a few issues to be resolved. The current forecast is to release the switch image by end of month providing the issues are fixed. A follow up update will be posted to the community once the 6.1r1 HiveOS image for switch has been posted as well as if the current forecast changes.

For HMOL customers, 6.1r1 is planned to be available on Tuesday, June 25th. As always, we will monitor acceptance and reported issues on 6.1r1 before we fly the bee to enable automatic upgrading to 6.1r1 on HMOL. Until this time, once 6.1r1 is released on HMOL, please make the request to upgrade by either opening a support case (for direct support customers) or through your Aerohive Partner. There will be a more detailed announcement regarding the HMOL release once 6.1r1 has gone live on HiveManage Online.

There are many new features and changes in 6.1r1, so please read the release notes thoroughly to ensure that you are well informed of these changes prior to upgrading. For convenience, you may find a brief description of the major new features in 6.1r1 below:

Client Management (Beta Release)
Aerohive has enhanced our HiveManager cloud-based management system with new client management capabilities, combining device configuration, management, and monitoring with policy-based network access and an employee self-service portal. Together this solution provides a single product for companies who support BYOD in conjunction with corporate-issued devices, and helps transform your network into a platform for mobility. For more information, please see this thread.

ID Manager
This release adds Anonymous Access and Self-Registration to ID Manager, as well as a self-service trial mechanism. Anonymous Access allows businesses to offer Internet access to visiting guests using mobile devices as a courtesy so that they do not have to pay for this service through their Internet providers. Self-Registration allows businesses to configure a captive web portal where a guest asks for and receives a username and password, uses these credentials to log in at first use, and then has ongoing access without the need to log in as long as they are in range, or until the ID Manager admin disables their account. Also, customers can now request 30-day free trials of ID Manager from within HiveManager.

Retail Analytics
Aerohive and Euclid have partnered together to arm brick-and-mortar retailers with shopper analytics with the best integrated solution in the market. Every Aerohive customer, cloud-hosted or on-premise, will gain access to an out-of-the-box, free retail analytics solution integrated in HiveManager. Customers can define unlimited number of retail stores or landmarks, browse visitor traffic, engagement and loyalty metrics, compare stores, view historical information, share data and understand the power of retail analytics. Customers can upgrade to a premium Euclid account and gain access to more in-depth metrics, longer historical data and advanced capabilities such as campaigns and custom analysis. For more details on the retail analytics solution, please view the solution brief.

Customers may obtain both the latest Release Notes and New Features Guide by logging into their Support Portal or by downloading them directly from our website here.

If you have specific questions about version 6.1r1 of HiveOS, HiveManager Online, or HiveManager (on-premise version), please start a new thread so we can handle unique questions individually.
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Posted 5 years ago

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I'd be interested to know more about the client management roadmap. Is there a paper available?

We have just invested in Casper Suite (bad timing!) but I'd like to know how we can use this in the future.
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I would also appreciate more info on where you guys are going with client management.

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Client management from Aerohive is actually focused "simplifying deployment" of devices and adding context of "ownership" to devices on the network (personal liability versus corporate liability using certificates). Adding context to devices allows you to define more granular policy for the network and that is our focus for client management - provide you with the tools to get more devices on the network and allow the network to improve their experience through the participation of the client.

MDM solutions (such as Casper Suite) go much deeper on the content side of the device allowing for custom content distribution, volume purchase programs, content containers, and generally very deep security features for your data that sits on the mobile device.

To achieve our objective of simplifying mass deployments of mobile devices and adding "ownership" context for better network service we do leverage some of the same API functions that MDM vendors who manage your content on the phone. So while some of the mechanisms are the same, the goals are different.

If the problem you're trying to solve is over-the-air autoprovisioning and enhancing context, then Aerohive can help. If you're looking deeper at how to control content on the mobile devices then you're probably looking at an MDM solution.
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This community update includes links to a blog, webpage and video where you can learn more about Client Management