HiveManager Online not collecting network statistics?

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So I have been trying to test the Application Visibility and Control feature in the HiveManager Online. According to every article and help topic I have read, I have set up my AP's (one AH330 and one AH121) correctly so that they should be reporting data back to my Dashboard. But everytime I look, no data shows up. Even after 3 days, I do not see the data anywhere on the dashboard.

I have tried setting up reports (which doesn't show data either, which might be the problem), disabling and enabling statistics collection (for both network statistics and application data), but nothing seems to help. This morning a small amount of data appeared in the Reports > Reports Settings area when I was changing my watchlist applications, but it still does not show up in the dashboard.

Any help with this? I am currently running the latest code (6.1r1.1247) on all my AP's and HiveManager Online. Is it possible my firewall isn't letting the data through? Would erasing the database help with this? Thanks in advance for any help!
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Posted 5 years ago

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my guess is watch list

Updating the Layer 7 Signature Files

Aerohive periodically makes application signature file updates available from the Support Portal on our website.Within the portal, the most current Layer 7 Application Signature files are located in Software Downloads > Current Software Releases > HiveOS and HiveManager Version 6.0 > Layer 7 Application Signatures. Use the following steps to update the signature files on your devices:

Click Configuration > Devices > All Devices, select the checkbox next to the devices that you want to update, and then select Update > Upload and Activate Application Signatures.

The selected devices must all be on the same platform.

From the Application Signature File drop-down list, choose a set of signatures that is appropriate for the platform you are updating. For instance, select the "AP120_all_plugins.tar.gz" to update AP120 devices. Click Upload. By default, the signatures are listed by name. To upload signature files by version number, click Settings, select the radio button next to Update by signature version, and then select the Save icon. You can also set the following:

Connection Type: Enter the speed of the connection type, or leave it as Local Connection, which is the default setting. You can also select 128 Kbps, 256 Kbps, 1.5 Mbps (T1), or 2.0 Mbps (E1).

Timeout: Enter the maximum number of minutes for downloading the application signatures. After this time, the connection is timed out. The default selection is 15 minutes. You can select a value between 15 minutes and 720 minutes.

To add Application Signature files to HiveManager you must be logged in as a super user. In this case, an Add/Remove button appears on the Upload and activate application signatures page. After you click this button, the Add/Remove Signatures page appears. Click Choose File and browse to the desired file on your system. The file name must end in ".tar.gz. Then click Upload.
The files listed on the Add/Remove Application Signature page are the HiveManager signature files.

Repeat the previous steps to upload the latest signature files to other devices.

Creating an Application Watchlist

You can create an application watchlist for your home VHM or HiveManager appliance when you are logged in with administrator privileges. Each VHM is limited to one application watch list. If you are an administrator with superuser privileges, you can only create a watchlist for your home VHM. The creation of an application watchlist involves the following steps:

Click Reports > Report Settings.

In the Application Watchlist section, the available applications are listed on the left. Click to the right of an application name to select it. (Selecting the application name itself causes a pop-up window with additional information about the application to appear.) Select up to 30 applications, and then click the right arrow ( > ) to move the selected applications to the Selected Applications list on the right side of the page.

To filter the application list by a specific application, select the radio button next to Application, enter an application name such as "EBAY", and then select the magnifier glass icon. To filter the list by application type, select the radio button next to Group and enter the group type, such as "web services" or "social networking", and then select the magnifier glass icon.

Click Update at the top of the page.

Upload the configuration with the application watchlist to the APs.

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Found out the issue, turns out the units don't like the way my VLAN's are setup. Giving them a direct connection to the internet made it work, so I guess my VLAN's weren't setup properly is all. Thank for the help anyways!
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Thanks for letting us know you solved your issue! Out of curiosity, would you mind elaborating more on what was awry in your VLAN setup?