How do I upgrade to HiveManager 6.0?

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How do we upgrade to this? Assuming it ready......and what are some of the new features we can look forward to.

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Posted 5 years ago

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We are expecting to post the Hive Manager 6.0 software shortly, hopefully within the next day or so. The instructions on how to upgrade are included in the release notes. We also will publish a new features guide. I'll address your upgrade question first,

Please perform a full database backup BEFORE you upgrade the firmware on your Hive Manager, this can be done by executing the following command in Hive Manager
Home -> Administrator -> Hive Manager Operations -> Back Up Database

Also be aware of the following:

Hive Manager 6.0 will require the Hive Manager physical or virtual appliance have at least 3 gigabytes of memory.

Also, any historical data cannot be migrated from Hive Manager 5.1 to 6.0

In order to upgrade to Hive Manager 6.0, the Hive Manager must be running 5.0r1 or later

The very short answer on how to upgrade on-premise Hive Manager is to go to

Home -> Administration -> Hive Manager Operations -> Update Software

You will then see a page which shows a number of method by which the Hive Manager software can be upgraded. Again the details are explained in the Release Notes which will be posted along with the 6.0r1 firmware.

With regard to new features, I have listed them before and the details are available from the Release Notes:

Unified Network Policy Configuration:
Topology (Maps) Enhancements:
Google Maps:
Map Migration between HiveManager Online accounts
Reusable Floor Names:
Improved Internal Wall Creation:
Configurable Network Folder Sorting:
Customizable Time Format
Network Summary Report:
New HiveManager Dashboard:
Configuration Object Classification:
Support for our new SR2024 switch product
Bonjour Gateway Enhancements:
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If you have a 1U appliance, check your available updates... :)

edit: But make doubly sure that your appliance meets the specified requirements posted above by Mr. Dippon!!!
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Is there a roadmap or timeline for when Hive Manager online accounts will be able to upgrade to 6.0?

I'm very excited with the new solution briefs and the demo videos you have produced. Well done!
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When will the Hive Manager 6.0 VM images and appliance firmware be available on the Aerohive Software Download site?
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We trashed our infrastructure when we upgraded to 6.0r1 on our HiveManager VM.

The VM upgraded fine but the AP firmware was incompatible .

"The HiveOS version control file (HiveAP120 is missing. Please contact Aerohive Technical Support for assistance.
The configuration generation error might have been caused by a HiveManager software upgrade or configuration restoration"

Basically you should not instinctively upgrade to the highest version which is shown on the console - 6.0r1 is only for wired switches. There will be a release for the APs when 6.0r2 comes about.

As at the time of writing , highest you should go to is 5.1r5 and the screen shot below is an example of what you should not do

Updated :
Fortunately used Veeam Backup to restore an earlier instance of HM and upgraded to 5.1r5 without fuss. The APs needed a complete configuration upload after this with no firmware changes .
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Upgraded my test HM, and everything went right. Then faced the same problem as Anjanesh and worked around it by downgrading the APs to 5.1r4...

When will 6.0r2 be available, especially for the APs? I am looking forward to using the application awareness!
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The 6.0r1 images are currently available for HiveManager and the new SR series switches only. Please do not use Hive Manager 6.0r1 to manage devices running
Hive OS running 5.1r5, it not have the capability to push configurations to devices running 5.1r5. We should have been more clear about this in our documentation.

6.0r2 is scheduled for release at the end of March, and it will support all non-EOL Aerohive devices, including those running 5.1r5 and HiveManager.
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So, based on your published list of EOL products, will the HiveAP 320 and HiveAP 340 get 6.0r2?
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David Dippon

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I am happy to confirm---the 6.0r2 release of Hive OS will be available for the AP 320 and 340. It will also be available for the AP 120/110, 121/141, 170, and 330/350.
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Do you have a specific day for the release of HM 6.0r2 for HM Online customers?

Also, what is the procedure for the update? Do I need to request it, or will they upgrade me automatically
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Shawn, I think you'll find your question answered in another conversation going on in this thread: "HiveOS control file missing error when updating to 6.0 on Branch Routers only - not APs".

Hope that helps.
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I just requested the HMOL account and turn it to Enterprise mode. However, the version is still 5.1r4. Where and how can I upgrade it to 6.0r2?

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I had the same issue, I believe all you need to do is call them back and ask for the upgrade. That's what I did yesterday.
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James is correct, upgrades to 6.0r2 for HMOL customers must be requested through support. To make the request, please open a support case with us (if you are a direct support customer) or through your Aerohive Partner.

More detail on the 6.0r2 release can be found in this thread: HiveOS and HiveManager version 6.0r2 have been released