HiveManager move company info and licensing to our Group Owners Hive

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Hi I hope someone has some experience or advice.  I have just completed this week with the help of our excellent partners in the UK our Aerohive WiFi project at the company I work for,  some 18 AP 121's and all controlled online from the Hive Manager, I have to say I am very impressed with the Hivemanager and cant wait to start pushing it out to our users..

All was well until about an hour ago where our Group Owners IT specialist has now told me that they wanted our AP serials \ Licensing so they can add it to the Groups Hive along with our other sister companies.   It seems a break down in communication and language barriers has now given me a headache..  

Could anyone inform me or how I go about pushing our companies aerohive info \ licensing etc across to our group owners.  is this a simple process or complete balls up.    I am hoping that this can be achieved easily and without to much if any cost..    Thanks in advance for any info. 


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Posted 4 years ago

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I would encourage you to reach out to your UK Sales Team or Aerohive Partner to see if they can assist. I am not sure if it is possible but that is a good place to start. 
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I have had similar requests before, and we always got a solution, but it involves some manual processes and you definitely have to have Aerohive support involved in this. So you basically need to explain the situation to your reseller, so he can ask his distributor to open a Support ticket.

Can you also elaborate more on which type of Hivemanager you are now, and your group owner is? There are 2 flavours: Hivemanager online, the Aerohive Cloud Service accessible via, and Hivemanager on-premise, which is a virtual appliance or hardware appliance. Bigger companies (or local service providers) are often running their own Hivemanager as VA. My feeling is that you are on HM-Online, but your Group owner might run their own Hivemanager?

Point is: Both flavours use different kind of license models and keys, and moving Access Points across from HM-online to HM-VA is a bit more complicated (for Aerohive). Moving Access Points from one HM-online VHM to another, however, is normally only a question of resetting the license key, re-apply it to the new VHM, change the redirector entries and give your APs a default reset (and then reconfigure them inside the new VHM). Same with HM-VA, actually. If they run their own Hivemanager and you will get your own VHM instance, you could even make a backup of your existing configuration and re-import it - even if you are now using HM-online.

If you are moving across, from HM-online to HM-VA, new license keys have to be created, and that might cause some (administrative) trouble... hence Jonathan's advise to involve the UK Sales Team as well.

In summary: License keys will have to be resetted / recreated, and thus Aerohive Support has to be involved.

Good luck :-)