Help with slow and limited connectivity using ap230s

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I have had extremely slow and non-responsive internet connectivity over the last month.  I am using Enterprise 6.6r3a in my hive manager and HiveOS 6.6r2a Irvine.2309  on my AP230s.

  • Not specific to macs or pcs
  • Connectivity is never lost between the AP and the client, the connection is just slow
  • There is no roaming of clients between APs, clients remain connected to the closest AP to them.
  • Wireless printer has been printing exceptionally slow
  • The office having issues is a large open room about 150 feet long and 50 feet wide
  • I had 5 Aps spaced about every 30 feet
  • APs are set to static channels each different from the next
  • We are in an financial district so there are hundreds if not thousands of other offices and wifi networks around us.  Though none of them have higher then a RSSI of ~70db
  • Our office does have cement floors and conrete ceilings
Steps taken so far
  • I notice radio interference between then on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz so i decreased power to Wifi0 Power 1 dBm and Wifi1 Power 2 dBm
  • i still noticed radio interference between the APs so i turned off 2 of the 5 APs
  • I also changed the radio profiles on that floor to a cloned version of radio_na0 and radio_ng0
  • The radio interference is pretty much gone between the APs but I am still getting complaints
  • We recently adopted the google drive app for some of the users as an alternative to dropbox, there isn't significant uploading or downloading but around 10-12GBs per 24 hours.  Teams are using the drive app to share and sync files locally
  • We also have bonjour enabled for printing
  • It can't be software installed on the clients computers because the problems range from Macs to PCs.
Does anyone have any suggestions or thoughts?  Maybe you have been in a similar situation?

Please help
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Grant Duval

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Posted 2 years ago

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Hans Matthé

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Hi Grant

We had the same issue, suddenly there was a very slow connection. The throughpout tests we did by Ekahau where very bad, the connection it self was good. After a lot of trial and errors, we moved to the Hivemanager NG and the problems are gone. Maybe the transfer is a possibility for you to?
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Gary Smith, Official Rep

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Some questions;

Have you looked at the network traffic?
What types of traffic is hitting the AP?
How much?
Are the AP management VLAN and Wireless Client VLANs isolated from other network resources?
Is this issue constant or does it happen sporadically/certain time of day?
What is the CPU showing on the AP att he time of an issue? (show cpu detail)

Kind Regards,
Gary Smith
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James Vinson

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Hey Grant,

I personally had problems with 6.6r2. I had drops in the middle of DHCP requests and times where the APs would stop tagging VLANs and the switches wouldn't even acknowledge the ports in Spanning-tree. A major issue we also had was that the AP wouldn't elect the channels very well and were constantly changing and causing interference.

 I keep all of our APs on 6.5r3 and they work great.

Hope this helps,
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Kevin Gee

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Hi Grant

>>I notice radio interference between then on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz
Out of interest, how did you 'see' the interference?

>>so i decreased power to Wifi0 >>Power 1 dBm and Wifi1 Power 2 dBm
Those power levels seem way to low to me. Have you put a floor map into Hive Manger and checked coverage?

One thing that may be worth trying is to disable dynamic airtime scheduling.  This post may be of interest.

Good luck!

Regards, Kevin.
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My 2 cents on troubleshooting this issue:

- Identify a client that is actively having slow performance and look at its data rates. Figure out what AP the client is connected to and run show station <macaddress> and look at the data rates in both directions.
- Look at HiveManager dashboard data to see if you are having a lot of retries.

Looking at your notes above, I also have some questions.
- Why did you clone the 11na default radio profile and not the 11ac default profile? Did you enable your cloned profile for 11ac support?
- What channel width are you using? 20 MHz, 40 MHz, or 80?