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Greetings. Firstly I am a teacher in a small school with responsibility for IT but only limited technical abilities. Our school has 7 AP330s and one AP230 (not sure why the mix) I noticed the APs were showing green instead of white which I believe indicated they werenʻt communicating with the Hive Manager? The HM is running 6.87a but the APs are running 5.3 - 6.4   When you try updating just using the Update Devices option, you get the message "Upload Captive Web Portal Files: Because the device is currently disconnected from Hive Manager, the upload is stages and will resume after the device reconnects" - but it just remains like this. I found a video that showed how to upload the APs manually. But for that, you need to access the APs. The company that oversaw the installation no longer exists. The person that I used to ask about the APs has died! I was given what was supposed to be the password but this doesnʻt work. I have been told I can push a reset button under the APs and reset them that way, but I am concerned about losing the configuration and leaving the school without WiFi. Is there a way of downloading a configuration file so that they can be manually reset and reconfigured. Any help would be incredibly appreciated. Please remember, I am not super technical
Cheers and thanks from New Zealand!
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So on AP330s, a green light means that: "The default route is through the backhaul Ethernet interface, but not all conditions for normal operations (white) have been met." In other words, the AP cannot communicate with HiveManager. With the AP230, it will either be white or amber. AP230s do not have the other colors that the AP330s have. With Aerohive APs, a white LED means that it is connected with HiveManager and all is good.

Until you get them connected to HiveManager you cannot use HiveManager to upgrade them or push a config to them. So you first have to figure out why they cannot connect to HiveManager. This is where it can get difficult depending upon your technical abilities.

If you know the IP address of the APs, that will help out tremendously. With the IP address, you can upgrade them via a web browser or via SSH. With SSH, you can also find out more information about why it cannot connect to HiveManager.

First, let's address the password that doesn't work. I'm assuming you mean the password on the APs, because you obviously must have the HiveManager password. To verify that you have the correct password for the APs, in HiveManager go to Home->Device Management Settings. Once you are here, un-check the box that says "Obscure Password". This will show you the admin password for your APs.

Second, now that you have the password for the APs, you need to SSH to the AP. You can use a program like PuTTY or TeraTerm to make an SSH connection to the APs. Once you're connected, use the command "show capwap client" to show you the information about the AP's connectivity to HiveManager. The CAPWAP server IP and HiveManager Primary Name should be what is correct for your environment. For example, if you have an on premises HiveManager it should match the IP that your internal HiveManager has. If you have the online HiveManager, it should match to whatever Aerohive address you have been provisioned for. You can do a few simple things here to verify basic connectivity to HiveManager. First ping the IP address listed for the CAPWAP server IP. If the HiveManager Primary Name is not an IP address but a name, ping that name. Then do a "capwap ping" to the IP address and/or name that you did a ping to. You do this by adding "capwap" in front of the ping command, such as capwap ping All of this will give you a starting point in trying to figure out what is going on.

If you post screenshots of the results of these commands, we should be able to offer up more suggestions.