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Hello Hive team,

I am sadly in a horrible position - with an system that we purchased and over 107 APs [AP130s and AP1130s]....and our vendors...didn't understand the product...or support options.  Cannot get much to work at the moment and I need a helping hand to get started.  We have engaged with another company and they are in the process of being certified to help us out but in the mean time - need a lot of help to get us started.

AeroHiveManager NG OnPremis is up and running - so I've got that bit to work.

Basically, I have the following immediate needs:

1) I have managed to get AeroHive Manager On-Premise - to work - after a fashion (it took me 2 weeks to get it to start up and work).  I have now logged in....and have manage to setup some admin accounts - setup an SMTP mail server - set up DNS and NTP.  All good there.

2) The original company who supplied us the kit - supplied us with a license key....that doesn't I am not sure if the system is licensed at all or not....and there is no indication whether the system is licensed or not.

3) I have the requirement to set up 5 APs fairly immediately - but the one huge problem I am getting at the moment - is that I cannot get these five APs up and running.  They are plugged into a PoE Class 3 switch - and the devices are up and running (I can see that from the switch) - but in Devices, none of the devices are being seen.  I cannot seem to troubleshoot - as that bit of software in HiveManager NG OnPremis seems not to I am slightly snookered.

Reboot didn't work - so I am currently stuck.

I am currently running version "Little Joe".

Many thanks

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Max Eaves

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Posted 2 years ago

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Please raise a support case. Our support engineering team would be able to quickly look into your issues.


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I have reached out to Max and will try to assist him with his initial set up. I will feedback our findings for reference to this thread.
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Hi Max,

I think the licensing may be a problem, but one quick point that should help.

You need to tell the APs the address of the HiveManager; you can either do this with DHCP options e.g.

option ah-domain
option ah-ip

Or you can use a console cable or ssh to configure from the command line:

capwap client server name
capwap client vhm-name home

The command line is relatively friendly if you have experience of Cisco and such-like.

Hopefully once they talk to the Hive Manager you will get something useful, even if it is an error message!

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Dear all,

I thought I would update everybody with where I have got....

I have now managed to set up a Network Policy - and within that - managed to get an SSID to start working for me.

I still don't know if the Licensing is correct or not - as there is nothing in NG to tell me if the software is registered or not.  Not very happy about this I could really do with knowing if the server definitely has its license key....or not.

The AP130's are also "Buggy" in the extreme.  They don't like changes of IP address and especially not static IPv4 addresses.  I have tried to update them with the latest firmware [6.5r3], but this doesn't make any difference.

However, I think I am over the worst of these problems, so I am now trying to setup the SSID and DHCP server off the APs.

1) I have googled and checked out the community forum for instructions on how to do this next function, but I am completely stumped.  I want to setup a DHCP server on all of my APs, but this function only seems to exist within the configuration of each AP. 

I have a LAN network - eg. network - and at the end of the edge port is the AP.  I want the AP to dish out DHCP addresses on a particular SSID.  I have been trying to follow: - as well as - but to no joy.

I have managed to setup a DHCP server on the AP, but I cannot [and there doesn't seem to be any reference on how to add that DHCP connection to the SSID - and for the AP to NAT all traffic.].  Documentation is a little lacking for NG in that direction...sorry.

Any pointers on how to setup a DHCP server, associate it with an SSID and get the AP to NAT traffic to the WAN would be most helpful - using NG...


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What are you using to provide DHCP for your wired network? Any particular reason you would use something other than what is already in production? If you already have a functioning network, you may want to start by simply adding the APs for the purpose they were designed for; providing layer 2 functionality by bridging wireless clients onto your wired infrastructure.

Without looking them up online, I'm not even sure the AP131s are capable of performing routing, NATting, etc.