Does HiveManager 6.0 have a reference for what each mail notification will look like when sent?

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I've just turned on email notification service using the default settings and am now trying to map the mails I'm getting to the checkboxes.

Is there a "guide for new users" that helps to take a specific email and link it back to one of the check makes in the UI?

So, when I'm getting lots of messages like the following:

Device CiderHive-01: wifi0 interface Tx retry rate restore threshold:40 current:0


Event Type: wifi0
Trap Type:
Device ID: 4018B1305700
Device Name: CiderHive-01
Time: 04-05-2013 07:29:12
Message: wifi0 interface Tx retry rate restore threshold:40 current:0.

Since the Trap Type field is empty, it's not clear which check box above needs to be disabled (or what other setting somewhere in the new UI) can be tweaked to make more or less of a particular alert. The default settings appear to be incredibly twitchy (500 emails in a 24 hour period with 10 devices and one 121 all in a room 30 feet by 30 feet with great coverage / very low interference) so I'm trying to figure out how to steer the email volume to alert me to problems, but not flood me with minutia.
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Posted 5 years ago

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We don't have a reference for which email text is generated by which alerts. The most current documentation on this is in the context-help for that screen in Hivemanager.

From the text of the one you posted, I'm pretty sure that the email was sent as a result of the "Interface" event. Unchecking that should stop those alerts.

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Tash - I just checked and here's what the help says for Interface:

Interface: HiveManager sends an email notification when the current state of an interface changes between "up" and "down", when the channel changes, or when the power level changes.

With the help not being updated for 6.0, I'll probably open a support ticket if I can't figure it out from the help contents. Several of the check marks seem to be undocumented in help (which is understandable - I very much appreciate the warning banner at the top of help reminding me that an update is pending.)

Thanks for the assist!