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What does the MGT0 MGT0.1 MGT0.2 etc reference ? i need to setup a DHCP server for my guest SSID only which i've currently put through a VLAN to a Windows servers but want the AP's to give out the DHCP instead but although i can see where to set it up and am comfortable with the settings i'm not sure what the MGT refers to ? I'm assuming this is the interface the AP's are connected into but ours are simply plugged into the network switches ?  Hope this makes sense. Thanks
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Posted 2 years ago

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I believe the guest network comes preconfigured with a 172.x.x.x address. All I had to do was enable the pre-built configuration. Sorry, I cannot remember specifics.
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Hi Ian,

I believe the Help guide explains it well;


If the hive members support multiple VLANs, then you can create subinterfaces of the mgt0 interface and assign each one to a different VLAN. For each subinterface, define its IP address, netmask, VLAN ID, IP address pool and—as explained below in "Advanced"—a different set of DHCP options. You can create up to 16 subinterfaces. From the drop-down list, choose a subinterface name, such as mgt0.1, and then configure the following for that subinterface: IP Address: Enter the IP address for the subinterface from which the DHCP server will assign network settings to clients.

Netmask: Enter a netmask for the subnet to which the subinterface belongs.

VLAN ID: Enter the VLAN ID for the subinterface. It can be between 1 and 4094.

Enable ping on this interface: Select the check box if you want the device to respond to ICMP echo requests (pings) from devices on the network to this subinterface. Clear the check box if you want the device to ignore pings received on this subinterface.

DHCP Server Options: Define the following DHCP options that you want the DHCP server to return to clients along with an IP address.

Default Gateway: Enter the IP address of the default gateway for the subnet to which the addresses in the IP pool belong.

If you create a new mgt0 subinterface (mgt0.1, mgt0.2, and so on), you must define different IP address, netmask, and VLAN settings for it from those on the mgt0 interface. Because the DHCP server uses that IP address, the default gateway cannot also use it. Instead, assign the default gateway with any IP address that is in the same subnet as the DHCP server but is not in the IP address pool from which the server draws addresses for DHCP clients.

Please let us know if there are any questions.

Kind Regards,
Gary Smith