CWP Fields Missing & Cannot Identify Users

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I'm getting little traction with support, so i'll put this out to the community as well.
When using a CWP that requires user authentication and employer approval, there are fields that are available in the CWP template that is not visible when accessing it after deployment.

The "Last Name" Field does not appear by default. You can however, see it when you access the CWP under Common Objects. When you try to enabled it there, it appears greyed out when modifying the CWP from the Wireless Settings area. It was recognized as a problem by support, and they crippled it instead of removing it. 

The CWP is 'almost' useable because it does enable a "Comments" field. This area can be used to ask for a users name, BUT when the approving manager gets an email, the comment field is nowhere to be found. So it's useless.

Again... since the username can be anything (ie: cookiemonster), and the email can be anything (ie:, then the approving manager has zero idea who is trying to access the wireless. There NEEDS to be a field to identify the person asking for wireless access. The approving manager has no idea who the heck cookiemonster is.

This should just make sense.... it's an enterprise grade system that costs a lot of money.
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Posted 1 year ago

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That would be very useful, thank you for the feedback! Have you requested that Support create a feature request for you? Or, if you are using HiveManager NG, you can submit feedback like this directly to our engineers using the feedback icon on the right hand side of any page in the hive manager.

Hope this helps!
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Soooooo it's been a few months. The request was put out to the support team back then, and no update. Still cannot use the CWP until we can identify who it is that is requesting.

Add this to a list of other things that just make sense that isn't being paid attention to. 
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Here's a thought... if Aerohive wants to leave things in the sad state they are, give us more ability to do what we need to do!

Give us full access to the reg.php file from NG (not by hacking the file via SCP on each AP), and let us edit it so that we can modify the fields, customize the emails, and make it work. 

NG should never have come out of beta, I encounter and raise issues every time I work within the product. Please fix!
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This is currently in Development. I do not have an actual due date yet but will probably arrive in the next development cycle set for Sept release. 
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Well the NG upgrade came and left... no changes. Next year perhaps? If i'm still around...
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The September cycle that bruce mentioned should occur around the end of September.
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10 months and still nothing. Fields being requested in CWP appear absolutely nowhere. Has development halted here?
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For those who are interested... here's some code to get rid of the useless parts of the CWP. 
  • REMOVES username option. (why bother since you can use an email address?)
  • Uses email address AS the username
  • REMOVES comment field (it doesn't get populated in HMOL, or mentioned in the acceptance email, so why bother?)
  • REMOVES "visiting" option for employee approval. Mentioned in another case/post, i prefer to delegate authoritative people/groups as opposed to the whole company. (another feature request ignored)
EDITS for index.html

Add script in header below the rest of the script:

function change(){
                var src= document.getElementById("field3");
                var dest= document.getElementById("field1");

Use the "input id" values to search the code and replace values where desired.

Hide the username field:

                                            <input id="field1" class="text-input FIRST_NAME" name="firstname" maxlength=32

Add your employee approval group (if used):
You can use a distribution group or individual contact. Must be within the domain specified in the policy. 

<input id="field4" class="text-input VISITING" name="visiting" maxlength=128 type="hidden" value="" required/>  

Hide the useless comment field (a total head scratcher why it's even offered as visible):

<input id="opt_field2" class="text-input COMMENT" name="comment" maxlength=32 type="hidden"/>
Add script function to the submit button: 
This is right below the comment field. This calls for the value of the email address to be copied to the username field which is hidden.

<button class="btn button" onclick="change();"></button>                
EDITS for auth-reg_en.js          

In the "placeholder" section:

"userNameLabel": "Email Address",