Connection issue. Spectralink 8440, will not accept TKIP encryption

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We are having a tough time setting up some phones...

One model, Unidata 7880, connects fine with WPA2-psk and TKIP

The other, Spectralink 8440, fails with that setup.

If I modify the SSID to use CCMP then the problem switches and I can connect the Spectralink but not the Unidata.

Neither phone has a setting for the TKIP or CCMP so I am stuck.

Any suggestions?
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Posted 5 years ago

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First off, I hope you are using recent versions of HiveManager and HiveOS. If not, first please upgrade to the latest your entitlement will let you get to (we are currently at 6.1r2).

I suspect you have the SSID configuration Key Management parameter set for "WPA-PSK" and not "Auto-(WPA or WPA2)-PSK" and thus you don't have a selection for auto under "Encryption Method. Try changing the key management parameter. That instructs the AP to advertise availability of both crypto methods and the endpoints (your phones) should then choose what is appropriate for themselves.

If that still fails, then I would suggest contact your support representatives for additional troubleshooting guidance.
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Can you run with two SSIDs in the worst case scenario that you cannot get them both working on one?
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According to the Spectralink 8400 product specifications it supports:

* WPA-Personal
* WPA2-Personal
* WPA2-Enterprise (EAP-FAST or PEAP MSCHAPv2)
* Opportunistic Key Caching (OKC)
* Cisco Client Key Management (CCKM)

According to Polycom's support site Spectralink phones require U-APSD (Unscheduled Automatic Power Save Delivery) to be enabled and it isn't by default with Aerohive. The U-APSD settings can be found in the WMM area of the SSID settings:

Spectralink phones also require that WPA only uses TKIP encryption and WPA2 only uses CCMP encryption (as per the standard).
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You have almost certainly figured this out by now, so I leave it as a comment for anybody else coming across the thread.  The Aerohive AutoWPA modes support both TKIP and CCMP, so you'll want to choose either WPA ("TKIP") or WPA2 ("CCMP") on the SSID you're connecting phones to.  Unless you have a good reason, choose WPA2!
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Both phone makes are now connecting.

Setup the SSID with:
Auto - (WPA - WPA2) - PSK
Auto- TKIP or CCMP (AES)
Enable WMM
Enable UAPSD
Disable 802.11n high throughput capabilities to support incompatible.....

The SSID is setup to assign the existing Voice Vlan when user associates.

Thanks All.
I hope to report back with the results of our little test.

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I have some difficulty with getting my spectralink to work. What information are you getting on you site survey on your phone? Mine doesn't look anything close to what polycom wants, but I have followed you recommendations on the SSID setup and no luck. Any information would be awesome, thanks.
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    I thought providing the settings I used would be useful since this article helped solve my problem.  I also authenticate using radius servers, etc... I have the SpectraLink 8440 also.

Setup the SSID with: 
WPA2-(WPA2 Enterprise) - 802.1x
Enable WMM
    - Under WMM, enable Unscheduled Automatic Power Save Delivery (UAPSD)
    - This setting seemed to be the culprit.  Without it my phone would always say (No AP's Found)  
       yet under the diagnostics, I could see my AP's BSSID and the channel being advertised.

***The following setting did not matter for me***
Disable 802.11n high throughput capabilities to support incompatible

8440 Phone
DHCP Enabled
AC Required - NO
Enter SSID
Security - WPA2- Enterprise
Under WPA2 - Enterprise Setting, do the following
    -Fast Roaming OKC
    -User ID - (Your ID)
    - Password (Your Password)
    -EAP - Method:  PEAPv0/MSCHAPv2
    -InBand Provisioning: Unauthenticated

** I only used the 5ghz band so I turned off 2.4 under radio but it was not necessary
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In our environment the options that made the difference were the other 2 options under Enable WMM. Which I believe is Voice and Video, once we checked those, the phone just worked.I need to test with other devices we use on the network now like mobile scanners etc to make sure nothing else breaks with those settings on.
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Also the symbol " in our production passphrase was breaking it, we had to create a new SSID without that symbol.