Can 2nd Radius be used with priority to NPS?

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I would like to get an opinion in regards of Radius. We use NPS as of now, which works ok. There were many posts about NPS but looks like they ended up with just feature request for option to limit devices which would be nice to have. Aerohive radius provides that feature - at least af as I know. If both take Active Directory users credentials why use complicated NPS instead of Aerohive radius? In case of both failures users can't cannot connect to radius SSID. 

I have mixed feelings about using NPS over Aerohive radius.

1. Can I use Aerohive radius as second / backup to NPS?

2. If I use only Aerohive radius can I set second (Aerohive) as backup?

3. Does that really works with Aerohive Radius - limiting user devices per - USER when use SSID with radius?

having answers help me plan accordingly feature and make plans for summer. Thank You
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Posted 1 year ago

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Hello MST,

To answer your questions in order:
1. You should be able to do this by creating the AAA Client Settings to point to your NPS Radius as the primary and then the AP as the back up. You'd then want to make an Aerohive AAA Server Settings object and apply it to the AP. I can't say that I've ever tested this set up, but theoretically there's no reason this shouldn't work.

2. If you are using only APs as Radius you can set up a second AP as a back up Radius. The process would be similar to what I described above, in the AAA Client Settings object you would just list the IP of the Primary Radius AP and then the IP of the Backup Radius AP. I have used this set up multiple times so I know that this one will work for sure.

3. We can't limit Radius log ins per device per log in (by this I mean we would say, for example, one set of credentials would be limited to use on only 2 devices and no more. Let me know if I'm reading your question wrong), we can however do that with PPSK.

I hope this helps!
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Thank You Sam for explanation, I dont know why I was sure I can use Aerohive radius and limit devices per user login. I can swear I saw that somewhere, but I might be wrong. If we can only limit devices per PPSK not radius, probably setting backup aerohive radius to existing Windows NPS is best idea. If something happens to NPS - Aerohive should kicks on in the break time do the job. We use radius for teachers and administration and as all knows "things" happens in IT. So i am trying to do some backup plan just in case of disaster of NPS. without NPS they can't login to secure network. 

If am able to set backup radius as aerohive radius to the one I am currently using - Windows NPS - that's great I will try to implement that in close feature. Thank You again for clarification. -Adam
Have a nice weekend !