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I'm currently running HiveManager 5.1r5a and I'm wondering if the newer versions allow you to assign license keys to individual APs. We currently have around 75 APs in our district, but each school must purchase the license keys separately, so I'm wondering if there are any new features that allow you to say...

School-A purchases a license key for 15 APs and you assign that to School-A's 15 APs
School-B purchases a license key for 20 APs and you assign that to School-B's 20 APs

Right now if a school forgets to purchase their key, it'll say we don't have a enough licenses and can't make changes on any APs in the entire district.

Please consider adding this feature if it doesn't already exist in newer versions.
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Posted 4 years ago

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Newer versions do not support this, either. And, even worth: Renewal keys do not contain the information of how many devices were included...

We have mentioned this several times, and as to my knowledge the whole licensing issue is well known by Aerohive and being worked on. Let's hope :-)

Until then, we keep our own database with customer, AP serial numbers and license keys with their expiry date.
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Agree with Carsten. The licensing situation is unfortunate and has many problems - as far as I can see it is the result of some short-sighted early design decisions in the early days coupled with Aerohive's "stellar" growth that has left them with quite a big change to make to fix it up. I am assured they are working on it, but they want to make sure they get it right this time. Fingers crossed. But I'm afraid there's no immediate solution I can think of for your particular problem beyond giving each school their own VHM (which means you lose the "one policy" configuration).
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We hear you, but don't hold your breath waiting for this. I don't think it's likely we'll change our licensing in the way that you desire. As Roberto pointed out, you can implement separate VHMs per school to avoid licensing issues at one school from affecting others, but the trade-off is that district-wide changes to network policies would have to be applied at each school.

Carsten, Roberto,
Yes, we are working on improving visibility into the licensing. Here's an excerpt from the draft documentation for the upcoming 6.1r6 release:

With this release, you can easily identify the number of Aerohive license entitlements and determine when they need to be renewed for your Aerohive system. After you export a summary file that contains the entitlement key information, you can assess when you will need to notify Aerohive to renew your various licenses. Simply log into either your on-premises HiveManager or HiveManager Online account and navigate to the License Management page (Home > Administration > License Management).

(sorry, could not import the graphic)

In the Device Inventory column, two types of items are displayed: the number of configured Aerohive devices and the number of VPN Gateway Virtual Appliances. To view device inventory details for each of these two items, click the total number of devices or VPN gateway fields as shown in the example. A popup list appears displaying the configured Aerohive device model and a total count of each device model. 

To export a .csv file to a spreadsheet application, such as Microsoft Excel, click Export.

The .csv file provides a list and total number of licensed device models, a list of VPN Gateway Virtual Appliances and total number of VPN Gateway Virtual Appliances licensed, evaluation and permanent entitlement keys for the devices in the current inventory, technical support expiration dates, and original license activation dates.