AP330 loss of network on 5 Ghz radio only

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I wonder if anyone else has experienced the situation where clients on the 5 Ghz radio remain associated but lose networking, perhaps when the connected client number goes into the 20s. This happens to several of our AP330s (running HiveOS 6.5 various releases), one of them did this at least once daily until I figured that out and disabled the 5 Ghz radio. Rebooting the AP is the only thing that seems to help when this happens; clients remain associated with a strong signal but cannot ping anything, nor can they be pinged from the LAN, but all clients show up in HMOL. 

I figured this out it was the 5 Ghz because several users reported they could connect to our Guest network (on 2.4 Ghz) just fine and continue working, albeit much slower. Way back when, against our vendor's advice, I disabled Guest SSID on 5 Ghz (thank goodness). Once I put the theory together that it was the 5 Ghz radio only, the next few times it was reported, before I rebooted the given AP, I pinged several clients showing as connected in HMOL, and all the 2.4 Ghz clients responded, whereas the 5 Ghz ones did not. This is a busy software dev office with a dozen AP330s and AP230s, so I have little time to download logs or do other troubleshooting - it's an urgent matter to get everyone back online. 

In the latest situation with the worst AP330, but before I figured out the problem, I took it out of service and replaced it with an AP230, and I kept the AP330 in the closet for a few months. Then I needed one to deploy in a new space, so I thought I'd see if the AP330 situation was due to some other factor. It soon was obvious that it was doing the same thing as before. This was when it dawned on me that it was only the 5 Ghz-connected clients. We use mostly PPSK, but I don't think that's relevant, as devices with a straight WPA2 key set up on a different SSID had the same issues. 

Unfortunately for troubleshooting, it never does it with just a few associated clients, only with a bunch of impatient, busy staff connected. So, I am putting this out there to see if anyone else has noticed a similar loss of networking problem. If so, try the ping trick to see if it's just the 5 Ghz clients. Maybe we can shed some light on this.

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