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Is there a way to console, SSH or Telnet into defaulted AP 170 with the PoE injector inline? In other words, with the AP powered by the injector, can I plug in to the "Data In" port and launch Putty or Kitty and access the CLI?

If not, how can I access a defaulted outdoor AP? My specific issue is I've had 2 AP 170s, mounted high (hard to access) that have lost connectivity to HM and seemingly defaulted... I believe this is caused by CAPWAP.

Either way, I want to access the device through the PoE injector which is on the ground and not remove the AP...
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Support AP 170
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you can use Hivemanager to SSH to the AP, go to the Monitor page, and select your AP170, click utilities->ssh client->connect, and then you can log in the AP via SSH. 
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If I understand your description right, your AP170 were connected to HM and running properly, when they suddenly lost connection to the HM. You did not trigger a default reset by yourself, but you assume that that they went back to defaults. Is that right?

Are your APs set with static IPs, or on DHCP? When you go on-site, can you still see the proper SSIDs being broadcasted, or not?

It can happen that an AP looses the connection to its HM and then gets stuck inside the AH redirector or somewhere else. In this case it still has all its previous configuration (incl. IP and SSIDs that are broadcasted), but it has to be manually re-pointed to the correct HM (= CAPWAP server).

I would try this first. Check the HM Monitor, you will see the (internal) IP address your AP had when it was last seen. Connect yourself to the same network and try to ping that IP... if ok, ssh into it.

Yes, you could also connect your Laptop directly on the switch side of the PoE injector, configure it manually to be inside the same IP network as the AP, and ssh into it.

If the AP is on DHCP, and that would be the case if the DID get a default reset, you can simply run a DHCP server on your laptop, check the IP address given to the AP, and ssh into it.

If a default reset happened: use credentials admin/aerohive. If not, use admin/<device management password>, you find it on your HM under Home, top left menu.

Once you are in, enter the command:

show capwap client

And you see where your AP tries to connect to, and where it is right now.

To correct this:

capwap client server name <your HM DNS name or IP>
save config

In future, for APs in locations difficult to access, it is a good idea to enable the access-console and configure a reasonable trigger (e.g. if they cannot ping their default gateway anymore). Check the integrated help files for how to configure AC, or - recommended - check for one of the Aerohive training classes. Everything I wrote here is covered in those :-)

Otherwise, if you really cannot access it, you have to unmount it and open the case with a screwdriver to do a default reset :-/

Good luck!
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I second Carsten's advice to enable the access console. If you're not familiar with the concept; when triggered, the AP will broadcast an ssid and dhcp service on that ssid. Once connected, a PC will be able to ssh to the AP to troubleshoot, as you've requested.

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Wow, everyone, thanks for the responses. Very helpful, especially Carsten.

To clarify, I did not trigger a factory default and I did assume the AP's reset. The devices were set to DHCP. And, I was unable to see the any SSID's being broadcast. HM Monitor no longer showed my two AP's in question which was strange. 

As for the access console, I'll test that in my lab. Also, is there a way to set a backup config that the AP uses in cases like this? Would that even be helpful? In other words, if an AP loses connectivity for x amount of time can I trigger it to roll back to a config?

Thanks again!