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I need actionable data to counter user questions about poor quality wifi ie low speeds, drops ...
The user have anecdotal information and no real data i need a way to show that the wifi is functioning and that the users are getting good connection with reasonable throughput and speed.
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Posted 12 months ago

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Hopefully you're looking for data to show IF the wifi is functioning and IF there are low speeds and drops, rather than looking for something that says "nope, your wifi is fine" because people will still have problems and you won't have helped.

One easy way to have them check is to do a simple speed test ( and tell you the speed.  Also have them do this when it seems to be working well for them.

It isn't always wireless -- if your internet connection is saturated, wireless will seem slow at peak usage times.
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Are you using Hivemanager Classic or NG, and in the cloud or as on-premise installation?

The reporting in HM Classic is still much better than in NG, especially when looking at troubleshooting and performance information. The packet retry rates and channel utilization are what you want to look at explicitly. In NG on-premise we only see these statistics per AP, not as a global summary. In NG cloud we have a summary view now, but without filters... I am hoping that today's update will bring more :-)

Users complaining about bad Wifi is often related to interference, not optimal configuration and even "too much Wifi" - too many radios broadcasting on too high or too different power levels. It is very frustrating for them, because their little Wifi icon tells them that they have a great signal, but nothing goes through really. This is something that can be seen and tackled with the aforementioned troubleshooting tools, but at some point you might have to get in someone with a proper site-survey tool.

A post-installation site-survey would give you a lot of connection- and performance-related information, and exactly that kind of report that management would need. Try to find someone trained with Ekahau.

However, as Chris already said, if the user experience is still bad, a proper report won't help, because the report alone won't fix it. We usually start out with a reference-Laptop, that we know has good drivers installed and is configured properly. We do speed tests, run Youtube HD videos for a while, use Skype etc - basically any application that your users are using. Some more hints:
- Ensure to move around, to test roaming
- Do your tests at times when users complain most. It doesn't help proving that Wifi works well from 8 to 10am, when most complains come in betwen 6 and 8pm...
- Try to test next to your users, get a feel for what "bad Wifi" means for them. People out there have very different expectations...

In the end: Talk to your users, get a better understanding on what they experience and what might be the cause. I have seen situations where the PoE budget of the connecting switch was overbooked, thus sometimes not delivering enough power to some of the Access Points - which results in a nasty situation, as everything looks great in your monitoring and reports, but some users experience cuts and slow / bad connectivity. To mention one example...

Hope this helps...