Aerohive WAPs dropping out on the network?

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Our site is having some major issues with the Aerohive WAPs dropping out on the network. This is having a major effect on the productivity of the teachers and students during the day. We have multiple Aerohive nodes, spread across the site to equally deal with the daily traffic.....which consists of iPad 2s and Apple TVs with the odd laptop. We probably look at around 500-750 users just on the wireless network.

The dropouts have always occurred since the Aerohive nodes were first installed, but we were basically re-booting them to keep things functional but it generally a minor issue. Lately it's turned into a fairly major one as the Aerohive dropping out completely or they will be fully functional and the iPads drop in and out; etc; etc.

I'm quite a newbie with the Aerohive technology and seem to have inherited the issue.

I've tried to get hold of Aerohive Support but have had no response to any messages left to my phone calls. I've yet to work out where I can e-mail Aerohive Support.

Our Australian supplier has created a ticket and we have the case number but again the complete lack of response from Aerohive Support on our issue has forced to me turn online and to this community. 

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Damien Hennessy

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Posted 4 years ago

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Can you describe what you mean by dropping out? Without qualification, the issue is ambiguous and difficult to troubleshoot.

What model(s) are they?

Which version of HiveOS are you running on them? The latest?

Can the APs still be pinged and managed?

If so, what does Client Monitor show for an affected client before you reboot an AP?


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If I had to guess to the meaning of dropping out.

I would suspect that radios are changing channels while clients are connected due to interference or Radar detection, but as Nick points out with limited info comes limited answers.


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Hi Damien,

Technical support in your region is provided to you by the reseller/distributer. If the reseller/disti requires further escalation, then they can open a ticket with Aerohive directly. 

I can see that you requested an Aerohive Support account and that you have been granted a support account which allows software downloads. 

I did send an email directly to you and will work with the local account team on making sure you are given the appropriate support. I am sorry that you have had issues up to now and I hope we can make a start to put things right.

Kind Regards,
Gary Smith
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Nick's right. A good place to start when you don't which way to turn is in Client Monitor. If you have a device that you know will demonstrate this issue, get its MAC address. In Hive Manager, navigate to the "Tools" tab and select "Client Monitor" in the menu. Select "New" populate the Client MAC Address and leave the rest as default so you can see which APs the device is associating with. Also check "filter probes" before you start to monitor.
From here, you will see which access points the device is associating with, auths, de-auths, etc. It may also provide you with some of the information Nick and Andrew are referencing as you continue to troubleshoot this issue on a larger scale. If you can provide the info requested, it will aid in figuring out the underlying issue.

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Damien Hennessy

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We've got some vendor support now, so hopefully we can sort the issue. I've realized I'm pretty much a large newbie with the areohive interface, so I'll be keen to check out what technical documentation they have available and start learning wireless networking.

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Here are some Aerohive training videos to get you on your way.

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Tim Bates, Employee

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Hi Damien,

I've been made aware of your issues and as you have posted - you have had some support provided.  Please feel free to contact me through the channel if you need anything further.