Aerohive AP230 Wifi Signal

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I am setting up a new location for users, however the requirements within that area are that the floors above must not have WIFI, so they have asked if there is a way to not allow WIFI bleed on to their floor.

My questions is, is there a way for me to do this for individual AP230`s on the same SSID we use at the moment or would i need to create a completely new SSID.
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Posted 1 year ago

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You can change the transmitter power settings individually and see if there is a level that allows them to function without being seen through the ceiling. Best to ceiling mount them obviously as these devices are designed to propogate their signal that way. It may be tricky to completely eliminate depending on building materials.
If that doesn't work I guess the other possibilities are to get a more AP directional  model,  or maybe you can line the ceiling with something that will help kill the signal?
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Kevin has pretty much hit the nail on the head. Really the only influence you can have is radio power settings. Keeping them as low as possible in order to contain the signal to a certain area. However it should be noted that even 3dB signal is enough to penetrate walls/floor. 
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If by "bleed" you mean the SSID itself, then I would simply create a different SSID per floor. You could even hide the SSID's if that fits into your plan..? If both floors are the same network, you can can configure both SSID's on the same VLAN. There's virtually no way you will completely hide the signal itself however. Distance and substrate are the only true methods of blocking signal penetration.
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problem is that omnidirectional antennas are used in AP230 and there will be bleed coverage to the floor above the access point and maybe also below.

It is quite difficult to make no bleeding possible: (i) lower transmit powers could do the trick but will require a lot of trial and error (ii) physical obstruction of the signal into floor and ceiling is best approach (if different companies are present on different floors), (iii) use different SSIDs with strong security and change key's regularely, (iv) use directional antennas will also require a lot of trial and error.