Add dependency tracking, so you can see what dependencies things have when trying to delete them.

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It seems like Hivemanager could really use dependency tracking (i.e. find out what other configurations depending on the configuration you are currently viewing).

It's great that it prevents you from leaving orphaned records in its config database, but it has been a fairly inconvenient problem to try to remove SSIDs that were created for testing.
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Posted 5 years ago

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Thanks for the suggestion. We will consider in our future enhancements.
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Copied from another thread -where Andrew Garcia responded with this detailed answer.


Is this what you are looking for? This is already supported.

To find objects that link to the object you are trying to delete, you can use the search bar in Policy Configuration side bar.

As you can see in the results, my search returned the name associated with the Local User Group, the SSID, and the user accounts.

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Thanks for the responses! This isn't quite full dependency tracking though. My example is deleting an SSID and getting this message:

I can search for the object I'm trying to delete "knapheide-ap-radius", and the (non-audit log) results are:

When I check all of my administrators, and my WIPS policy, I'm unable to find this reference to the above SSID.

It's not a big deal to leave an unused SSID hanging, but I like to keep my configurations clean :)

It would be nice to be told what references in other objects to this item are preventing deletion, and even nicer to be able to click a button at any time that tells me what specific objects reference the object I'm currently working with.

Usefulness of the search tool is also actually diminished if you have objects named something generic (shame on the administrator for that! ;)). If I search for "guest" to find dependencies on an SSID object I've named "guest", I'll find a lot more fluff to sort through!

I'm not complaining at all - I'm a big fan of the Hivemanager UI - I just thought this feature would make it even better.
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This issue can get really frustrating. You can have a series of objects that you can't delete because HiveManager advises that you need to remove the references to it so you do a search and the only result is the object itself.

Is there a way of manually removing the object from the HiveManager's configuration? Is there a HiveManager configuration file?
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I whole heartedly agree with this.

At the moment that HiveManager knows that an object cannot be deleted because it is being referenced, it would be relatively simple to programmatically provide a link to the blocking dependent(s).
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Any progress made on this front?? Would also like to have this option, had two SSIDs for testing a month ago and pains me seeing them there still.
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Meanwhile, does anyone know about a solution for this?  I'm encountering the same issue, and it is pretty annoying, as we want to migrate our Radius servers, but we are not sure ALL necessary references to our actual (old) Radius servers have been replaced by our new Radius servers.

If anyone would have a suggestion / the solution, I'd appreciate it if it would be shared.
Thanks a lot!
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Still no solution? Silly!
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yes another user stuck with an old SSID that won't delete,search shows nothing except the SSID itself.