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Two enhancements to automatic channel assignment that would be useful:

1. The ability to specify a subset of 5GHz channels to be used by ACSP. Implementation would be like the existing capability on the 2.4GHz radio where all channels other than those in the selected channel plan (1-6-11, 1-5-9-13 etc.) are automatically given the lowest possible ACSP score to preclude their being selected.

I have a couple of use cases for this:

a) Some devices, for example VoWLAN handsets, have the ability to customise the channels which are scanned to improve initial connection time and aid with fast roaming. One option is to enable only the four U-NII-1 channels (i.e. uncheck the DFS checkbox in the radio profile), but if external APs are used, we have to use U-NII-2e in the UK which is quite a lot of channels. I'd like to be able to select just, for example, 100, 104, 108, 112 for ACSP to select from - then we could set the handsets to only scan these four channels. Field testing has shown that limiting the scanned channels in this way has definite benefits.
b) I have had a situation where there is frequent unknown interference on specific 5GHz channels (cause unknown - even with some very expensive spectrum analysis equipment). The interference was only seen on channels 60 and 64, but this caused us to have to disable ACSP and manually assign channels across many APs. It would have been nice to be able to just exclude 60 and 64 from the ACSP selection process.

2. Given that ACSP is not perfect (nor is any other vendor's equivalent), we often use ACSP as a starting point for quick initial deployment and then we switch to a manual channel plan, adopting the ACSP-selected settings as a baseline and then doing some final tweaking. What would be really useful is a "one click" option in HM to be able to select some or all of the APs and get them to adopt their current ACSP-assigned channel and power settings as static settings thereafter.
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Being able to select the channels the RRM utilises is not an unrealistic request as Aruba supports this.

If ASCP is making "stupid decisions" about channel allocation you may need to have a look at the channel utilisation stats and the retry levels.  Aerohive RRM seems to like running the channels "hot" in comparison to Cisco and Aruba (I believe this is due to smartphones and tablets needing the extra signal levels) and this can result in some post deployment "cooling" work needing to be done by the wireless engineer.