A few basic ideas?

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A few initial ideas:

Firstly the big one:

Currently in HMOL we have several administrators who can (And do) go in and make changes. We all have separate accounts to do this. There seem to be certain settings that are defined per user profile such as display filters, and certain settings that once set are global.

One setting that is currently global is the upload type. Whilst logged in using my credentials I had an issue with one AP I was testing whilst pushing an update. The upload type was set to Auto. To push it through I set the upload type to Complete. This pushed the update through and rebooted the AP. Approximately 5 minutes later, another administrator logged in using his credentials and added a PPSK user. Once he had done this, all the AP's showed as being out of date as a new user was bound to an SSID. So he updated the AP's, without checking the upload type he just pushed it through. Now because the upload type appears to be a global setting and I had just set it to Complete, the end result was every single AP got the config and rebooted!! I appreciate a little bit of this is due diligence but I am sure we will not be the only ones who suffer this issue!

As per previous poster

Cope with anonymous outer identities with PKI EAPs by using User-Name attribute in the Access-Accept, if present.

Also all suggestions in Crowdie's post.

Things I would personally like to see...

A larger space limit on CWP pages. We use 802.1x and we have a utllity which will configure BYOD devices easily. I can just fit this executable in the 1MB limit, but it would be great if there was more legroom so to speak...

Following on from this... Native configurators for wifi generated on the fly by HiveManager and put on a CWP page? So for example an open SSID is created with links to Android/iPad/Windows utilities that automatically configure and join the user's device to the intended SSID - a la ClearPass...

An Aerohive provided SMTP server for sending user's PPSK's via email... We use HMOL and one of the issues is without doing some firewall work and opening our mail server up, we cannot easily email user's their PPSK's which we currently create for them...

I am sure I will think of others...
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Posted 5 years ago

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I def. 2nd the last one on an Aerohive provided SMTP server.
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Keep these good comments and suggestions coming! The entire Product Management team sees these requests and they do have an influence on our prioritization of features for future releases.

Regarding your request for more space for CWP pages, I am not the owner of auth-related features, but my understanding is that it is very unlikely we would be able to do that, at least with our current product line. We have too many other items contending for the precious space on the APs to do that. While our CWP is used by a significant percentage of our customers, it's not the overwhelming majority, and we want to add features that benefit the greatest number of customers.
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Bearing in mind I obviously do not know much about programming an AP etc... All I will say to this is the following!

According to 5.1r2 helpfiles, the AP can hold 16 CWP's. The total size that can be used is 3MB. The maximum in any one folder is 1MB. Is there anyway of making this more dynamic so that for example you can use the whole 3MB on one CWP?

Also without being too cheeky... if space is at such a premium on an AP surely Aerohive are perhaps shooting themselves in the foot with future updates/features? Can we not add more? Considering storage is one of the cheapest things these days I find this a little bit of a weak argument...