A170 Mesh-point disconnecting from Portal roughly 4 times a day after updating to 6.1r2

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We had a switch problem a month ago where part of the switch was damaged. We fixed the switch and updated the 170 Aerohive APs during the incident.

Since then we have been having a very short term disconnection from the our 170 AP, which now serves as a mesh point. This AP used to be the portal before the switch incident, but we change the setting to make it a mesh point and make the other AP a portal. The current Portal AP, which is also a 170, is working fine. 

The meshpoint AP disconnects roughly 3-4 times a day, each lasts for just 1 min or 2. During the disconnection, the HVM shows the AP is off and the event log says the wifi channels are not accessible. 

Troubleshooting I have done with support and didn't work:
1. increase idle time to 3000 seconds to confirm it's not system idle issue
2. Reboot switch, move the AP to another port to confirm it's not a switch issue
3. upgraded OS to 6.1r6 to confirm it's not an OS issue

Support has been delaying my requests and this very minor issue is giving us a big embarrassment since we are unable to fix it in over a month's time.

Any tip to help troubleshoot while support is working on the issue could greatly help.
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York Exowneon Wang

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  • frustrated.

Posted 4 years ago

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Gary Smith, Official Rep

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Hi York,

Could you take a look at the interface summary on both the MESH point and the Portal?
"show interface wifi1"
This might give us an indication of the RF health. There is an explaination for the summary states in the Help Guide.
You can also find some more details on the interface at;
"show interface wifi1 _counter"

Can you look at the neigbour relationship between the AP's?
"show hive {hive name} neigbour"
This will show us the RSSI and SNR between the AP's and indicate if the connection is good or bad.

If the AP's appear to be suffering interference, you could try using different channels. You should also consider the Radio Profile settings. If you are using a default radio profile you will see that the there is a configuration set to change channels if thresholds indicating RF interfence is reached. You might want to disable this if interference is unavoidable. That would require creating a non-default Radio Profile so that the changes could be made and saved.

This is a place to start so please feel free to respond with the outputs of the above and the community can provide some feedback.

Kind Regards,
Gary Smith
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York Exowneon Wang

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Ok Gary, figured out it's in SSH Client. Here's what I got from show interface wifi1

Anresco_HQ1#show interface wifi1
AC=access category; be=best-effort; bg=background; vi=video; vo=voice;
IDP=Intrusion detection and prevention; BGSCAN=background scan; PS=Power save;
HT=High throughput; A-MPDU=Aggregate MAC protocol data unit;
DFS=Dynamc Frequency Selection; CU=Channel interference;
Summary state=High collision;
Mode=backhaul; Radio disabled=no;
Admin state=enabled; Operational state=up;
MAC addr=08ea:440e:3724; MTU=1500;
Freq(Chan)=5785Mhz(157); EIRP power=30.01dBm; Diversity=disabled;
Tx range=300m; Noise floor=-99dBm;
Radio profile=radio_na0; IDP profile=N/A;
Beacon interval=100; Max clients number=100;
Phymode=11na; Short preamble mode=enabled;
Tx Chain=static 2; Rx Chain=static 2;
A-MPDU=enabled; Short guard interval=disabled;
Channel width=20Mhz; HT-protection=Legacy protect; Deny client=none;
AC=be; CWmin=4; CWmax=6; AIFS=3; Txoplimit=0; NoACK=disabled;
AC=bg; CWmin=4; CWmax=10; AIFS=7; Txoplimit=0; NoACK=disabled;
AC=vi; CWmin=3; CWmax=4; AIFS=1; Txoplimit=3008; NoACK=disabled;
AC=vo; CWmin=2; CWmax=3; AIFS=1; Txoplimit=1504; NoACK=disabled;

And here is Show Interface Counter:

Anresco_HQ1#show interface wifi1 _counter

3498915 rx frames
2967046 rx unicast data frames
267876 rx multicast data frames
263993 rx broadcast data frames
5739529 11n rx frames
54244 rx Retries
1% rx retry rate
1881256 rx CRC errors
1881256 rx CRC errors with no physical error
34% rx CRC rate
2240406 rx frames dropped
2240406 frame too short
2746132 tx data frames
2204506 tx unicast data frames
273519 tx multicast data frames
268107 tx broadcast data frames
2660168 tx WMM best effort data frames
26422 tx WMM background data frames
10214 tx WMM video data frames
49328 tx WMM voice data frames
2736 tx management frames other than beacon

And show hive:

Anresco_HQ1#Show hive Anresco_Labs neighbor

Chan=channel number; Pow=Power in dBm;
A-Mode=Authentication mode; Cipher=Encryption mode;
Conn-Time=Connected time; Hstate=Hive State;
Mac Addr Chan Tx Rate Rx Rate Pow(SNR) A-Mode Cipher Conn-Time Hstate Phymode Chan-width Hive
-------------- ---- ------- ------- -------- ---------- -------- --------- -------- ------- ---------- ----
08ea:440e:28a4 157 54M 6M -60(39) open aes ccmp 00:11:20 Auth 11a 20MHz Anresco_Labs
Total neighbor count: 1

So we are the only one around the neighborhood. I cannot find "Switch Channels" check box under optional advance settings, as mentioned in the comment below. We going to change channel and drop 2.4ghz tonight to see how it goes.

 Could this be a problem related to the switch?

I also heard downgrading to Aerohive 5.1r5.1089. Hopefully we don't have to go to that step. Thank you again for your response. Any tip could greatly help us.
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York Exowneon Wang

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Thank you for your response Gary. I'm very new to Aerohive as it was managed by our vendor, who decided they will no longer help us with Aerohive. I'm not sure where to go to enter "show interface wifi1" to get to the summary, could you give me the pathway?

Also I went to monitor -> AP -> modify and there is no "switch channels" check box under Optional Advance Settings

Last night a tech called Patrick helped me troubleshoot by switching the meshlink channel to 44 and making it static, but it did not help. While I called in for support again today I just want to get additional help from the community since the techs are having hard time troubleshooting it as well.

I  think this may not be a signal or interference issue as the meshlink AP seems to be disconnecting every two hours at selected intervals (9-10, 12-1, 3-4 and so on). I checked Auto Provisioning and there is nothing. Maybe there is a problem with the SSID configuration?
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Gary Smith, Official Rep

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Hi York,

I thought i'd check in to see how the issue is now? I know that you worked with Aerohive support so was wondering if the suggested changes have helped or not.

Kind Regards,
Gary Smith
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York Exowneon Wang

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Thank you for checking with us Gary. The problem is seemingly resolved after we did some modifications. Here's what support did:

1. Downgraded the 170s to 5.1r5. This might be the main fix.
2. Changed the radio channels of the portal to dual. This seems to make things more stable but still picking up disconnection.
3. Change the IP for the meshlink to static.

Hopefully we can upgrade them again to a more stable patch in the future. 6.1r6 is not working for us.