6.5r3 issues on AP230's.

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The latest upgrade of all access points to 6.5r3 was supposed to be Aerohive's "Golden Release", but I'm running into many symptoms:

"Out of range" error on Chromebooks"Limited connectivity" error on Windows laptops
Poor signal strength on Chromebooks and laptops
Loss of user drives upon login
Application specific cross vlan traffic stops

It was getting so bad I had to revert back to 6.4r1g (I was running 6.4r1b "HongKong", but was told the 'g' revision is the one to go with).

So far everything is working as intended, but I was wondering if anyone else has has issues with 6.5r3 on AP230's in their environment.

I was slowly rolling this out and didn't seem to have any issues until I started updating entire buildings at a time.
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Posted 2 years ago

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I have intermitten connectivity issues for OSX computers that wasnt there while we were running 6.4 and 6.6 ... i have athread about the issue, we made some changes in confug that will be tested this week.

I wanted to revert as well but the older FW is not available in HMOL. I will try to ask the support to add it when the preferred TS is done.
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Under older software you should be able to still download the older 6.4 code base.
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I'm having all sorts of problems ever since I was told to upgrade to 6.5r3 with no fixes.
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Yep, reverted back to 6.4.  
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I am very sorry to hear about the problems you're experiencing with HiveOS 6.5r3. This was a huge effort on our part to address a number of bugs that have been reported over time and to improve the overall product quality. I've heard from many other customers that they felt we achieved our goals with this release, and I'm sad that your experience doesn't match theirs.

We did not and do not consider this a done process, though. That was only the first candidate release in what we hope to become our golden branch of code. HiveOS 6.5r3a is under way, and should be released around the first week of February. 

I just re-reviewed the bug-list for HiveOS 6.5r3a, and it's possible that some multi-client performance issues we are addressing there will help with your loss of user's shared drives and cross-vlan traffic problems, but I see nothing related to transmit power issues so I don't have an answer about the poor performance on Chromebooks and laptops.
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I haven't really seen any issues or had any reports of issues with 6.5r3 with my AP330/350s, AP1130s, AP170s, AP370s, CVG, SR2124, nor AP230s. But I have seen a weird issue with my AP121s. At some sites, the AP121s were causing our Extreme switches to have high CPU utilization. I came across this because it was found that the AP121s would not let users connect, and in HM the AP121s would constantly rotate between being connected and not connected. I also discovered during troubleshooting that the AP121s had high CPU utilization. The only change that had recently occurred was that the AP121s had been upgraded to 6.5r3.. As soon as I reverted the AP121s back to 6.4r1g, the issue disappeared.
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Are you doing anything specific with radio profiles on those AP121's?  I only have AP230's and use about 6 different radio profiles, so I'm curious if a specific setting is causing the symptoms.

However, I had the same issues no matter which radio profile was on AP.
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I'd be interested to know what the "before and after" looks like. You say that you ran into problems after an upgrade to 6.5r3 but it's not entirely clear what may have caused them. Whilst software is always susceptible to bugs, environment and configuration is always a major factor when looking at connectivity issues.

Do you have any data from the AP's before and after the upgrade? Maybe we could help find some explaination for the change in behaviour.

Kind Regards,
Gary Smith