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CWP Registration - Manager Approval Feature Request
I would like to see the option of selecting a manager (by email address) for the approval, rather than allow the whole domain to authoriz...
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map import file type
Trying to upload map file but get file type error. What is the acceptable file type?
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APs cannot bind users with dash to group
Hello, we are experiencing the following Issue on HiveManager NG OnPrem Version: When creating users with a dash meaning: "User-Name" ...
  • Marcel Rodewald, 8 months ago

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EAP-TLS with Windows NPS and non-domain-joined Clients
Hello everyone, I am experiencing the issue that if you have a client that is not domain joined, the Microsoft NPS refuses to authentica...
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why do i get this "Currently, there is no radsec proxy in this DA domain. (candidate number is 1)"
new install of ~28 AP390's in a warehouse location, all AP's seem to be working ok, but i keep getting the following warning "Currently, ...
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