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Palo Alto Firewall integration
If you want to integrate Aerohive with Palo Alto the suggested route is to run a script on a Kiwi Syslog Server which parses the Aerohive...
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Implement ARP validation and inspection
any of you had dealings with and android phone using the wifikiller app. this app enables you the "kill" a users Wifi connection by ar...
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Enhance the SSL/TLS implementation/configuration of HiveManager + HiveOS to become PCI compliant.
It would be great if consideration could be given to enhancing HiveManager and HiveOS so that its SSL/TLS implementation/configuration be...
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HiveOS 6.1r2 - User-Name loses the first 31 characters in RADIUS accounting and HiveManager.
HiveOS 6.1r2 is now even more broken than it was with 6.1r1 and is probably unusable in environments that require RADIUS accounting or wi...
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Getting reporting on top talkers/listeners, bandwidth use, etc on Switch
I attended an intro webcast on the new switches, and was very impressed, so we ordered a demo unit immediately. Since we got it, I'm pret...
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